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  1. BlueSky

    Hernias Under-reported?

    I have a new colostomy and now a significant hernia. My wound nurse told me colostomates have a 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 chance of acquiring a hernia. I didn't know I was facing this going into surgery. Did your surgeon inform you of the hernia risk with a colostomy? Can anyone advise me about how to...
  2. BlueSky

    What's your favorite Geling Product and Why?

    Hi Stomatastics, What's your favorite gelling product and why? I use them all the time and I'm looking for what dissolves fully, quickly, and gels best. I've had the opposite experience of opening a bag of liquid with undissolved bags. Also any tricks on how to get the packets past the tail on...
  3. BlueSky

    Hernia Belt -- Your experience

    Hi All, After a colostomy, I may need a hernia belt. I'm looking for any advice about how to get the right one and quality of life wearing one. I assume you can't wear one with a stealth belt. Thanks!
  4. BlueSky

    Protectomy with or without Flap

    I've had multiple surgeries on my left side for crohn's and a gall bladder removal. My surgeon is now suggesting replacing my loop illeostomy with a colostomy and proctectomy and VRAM flap. Perianal Crohn's and a high output iloesotomy are my primary problems. I'm concerned that the flap will...
  5. BlueSky

    Potassium Shake

    I've always had difficulty with low potassium, even with IV supplementation. Recently my potassium moved into the normal range after I added this shake to the electrolyte replacement drink I've been using. Its designed to boost potassium and bulk up stool. It might be helpful for high output...
  6. BlueSky

    Prednisone Sweating

    Can anyone explain in layman's terms why prednisone causes sweating? I've tapered to 20mgs and I'm still sweating. Is this a withdrawal symptom?
  7. BlueSky

    You didn't fail Humira, Humira failed you

    I say it all the time. "I failed Remicade; I failed Cimzia; I failed Humira." Its worth taking a moment to consider how this phrase shapes our thinking. When a medication doesn't work, you didn't fail, the drug did. And that's common. Biologicals have 40-50% response rate that drops off with...
  8. BlueSky


    Hi All, I'm experiencing breathlessness when I stand up or walk across the room. Walking upstairs leaves me panting to catch my breath for a couple of minutes. This is a symptom I experience when I have serious flare along with extreme fatigue as well as more typical Cronin's symptoms. Does...