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  1. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Weird Skin Manifestations...Prednisone related?

    I've said before, this place is like a religion for me. :( I know it's terrible, but I'm back because I need help. I am having weird skin manifestations that just started in July at the end of a course of prednisone. In going off and shortly thereafter having a course of azithromycin (sp?) for...
  2. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Question about colonoscopy/EGD...not sure what this means

    With respect to my Duodenum the test results say: Fragments of duodenal mucosa with focal parietal cell metaplasia, otherwise without diagnostic abnormality. No evidence of celiac disease, whipple's disease or Giardia identified. Can anyone translate what this means?
  3. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    I got fired

    So, I got fired. I don't know what to do. I contacted an attorney, he said I have a case. I have an appointment to meet with him on Monday. I knew it was coming after last Friday's badgering so when my boss asked me to come into the conference room, I turned on my recorder. I have it all on...
  4. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    So Now I'm Just Crazy

    Monday the doctor at Mayo Clinic wanted me to start Humira and 6mp. They did an MRI yesterday. He called me today and said everything looked normal and he does not want to go forward putting me on either drug, and advised that any doctor that wants to put me on the prednisone (only thing that...
  5. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Concomitant use of Humira and 6mp

    Does anyone have any feedback or information about this? The doctor I saw Monday wants me to start this pending my test results (I should hear from him this afternoon). I am a little nervous. I feel like most people start with either one or the other- not both at the same time. In the...
  6. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Which is worse?

    Having people that don't understand or don't care? Just thinking about it and feeling bummed because my co-workers only seem to make things worse for me. I feel bad for letting them get me down. I know that's my fault.
  7. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Lucky Me---Humira and 6mp (posted this in more than one place, really need support)

    Lucky me!!! Scared to try either of these, I'll be joining both clubs. I saw a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and he wants me to go on Humira and 6mp. He said that studies show the best results for inducing and maintaining remission with combination therapy. I stopped my most recent...
  8. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Lucky Me----Combo Treatment Humira and 6mp

    Lucky me!!! Scared to try either of these, I'll be joining both clubs. I saw a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and he wants me to go on Humira and 6mp. He said that studies show the best results for inducing and maintaining remission with combination therapy. I stopped my most recent...
  9. ThatsWhatSheSaid


    How do you know you have an abscess? Like, how is it found and what stands out about it (pain/feeling-wise)? I've heard/read of people having them basically in the butt cheek area and am wondering if there is any chance that is what is causing my specific pain.
  10. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Any Advice?

    I have an appointment at Mayo Clinic on Monday July 30. I realize my question is vague... but does anyone have any tips? I was fully tapered off the prednisone the first week of July. Mouth sores came back in the first week, everything else has followed suit. I can barely keep my eyes open...
  11. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Crohn's specialist in Wisconsin?

    Can anyone recommend a crohns specialist in Wisconsin? I'm desperate and need help.
  12. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Island Life for crohns

    So, I never thought I would feel this way about an online community, but this place has been a huge source of sanity for me. As such, in my (constant) daydreaming about winning the lottery and planning what to do with my money I have incorporated a new element: a desire to employ all of us...
  13. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Pednisone Savior...but what next?

    I don't know if you have read my story around here at all. I had rather unimpressive two-way scoping on May 31st (EGD and colonoscopy). I had a hiatal hernia and esophageal stricturing, and less than impressive inflammation in my colon according to my GI. So he did not believe that my numerous...
  14. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Allergy Injections & Crohn's

    I've been getting allergy injections for just over two years and flaring the whole time. I have wondered over the last year on multiple occassions whether there is a connection. I have asked both my GI doctor and my ENT if this could be causing me to be sick. Each has told me to ask the other...
  15. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Desperate. Really.

    I am having a lot of extra-intestinal symptoms and my doctor does not believe that the crohns is currently severe enough to explain them. Does anyone have any insight on this? I feel almost positive the the cause is the crohns as everything that I have happening is crohns related but during a...
  16. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    All I Can Think About

    I really hope I can get some answers when I see my doctor on Friday. All I can seem to think about is the crohns and my health issues. I'm having difficulty concentrating. Sometimes it is like it has taken over my mind as well as pirated my body. No real point to this thread. Just (obviously)...
  17. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    New to forum because the crohns is getting old

    Hi. I joined last month after perusing the forum regularly when ill looking for answers. I was finally like, well I'm here often enough- may as well join. I was diagnosed with crohns (I don't capitalize it on purpose, and I don't call it 'mine') and GERD in the fall of 2004 on turning 18 and...
  18. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Nausea...When I throw up, I can't stop

    I can't take the nausea I've been having. It gives me unending anxiety too because 9 times out of 10, if I throw up once I can't stop. I basically have to try to sedate myself as that seems to be the only thing that prevents me from continuing to throw up. And it is hard to do in the middle of...
  19. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Low Potassium

    Does anyone have issues with low potassium? My potassium is repeatedly low so I was put on a prescription supplemental in the fall to correct it. Then it tested low again about a month ago so my general practitioner put me on a liquid form of the prescription supplement and re-tested me. I...