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  1. Al77

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Do any of you use apple cider vinegar? I've started to take it two or three times a day to help with low stomach acid. The original SCD puts it on the illegal list if it contains the mother. However, when I was looking around the SCD lifestyle people were taking it with the mother. Other sites...
  2. Al77

    Yoghurt, coffee and SCD Intro

    Hi, I am a bit confused about the SCD yoghurt and the intro diet. Basically, can you eat the SCD yoghurt when on the intro diet? Also, coffee and tea? Can you drink those? I am sure I read you can but now I can't find the info. I am about to redo the intro. I started it a few weeks...
  3. Al77

    Strange warm feeling in stomach.

    I have noticed that I often get this strange "warm" feeling in my stomach about once every 7-10 days. It usually comes with some bloating too. I have noticed that quite often the next day I will go to the toilet a heck of a lot in the morning. Does anyone else have this? Is this typical with...
  4. Al77

    Confused about SCD Stages & other questions!

    Hi, I am looking at the SCD diet and confused about what to look for when adding new foods. Basically, I rarely have diarrhea, my CD symptoms are more cramps, feeling "weird" in my stomach, bloating, gas, sometimes pain in the intestinal area, a kind of acid burning and big, surprise burps...
  5. Al77

    Skipping SCD intro?

    Hi, I am thinking of trying the SCD diet. I need to order the book and read it etc. I was thinking that I would only eat the SCD safe foods in the meantime. Would there be any benefit to that? Could the diet work anyway? I am new to all this so... Thanks!
  6. Al77

    Martial Artists?

    Hi, I thought I'd start a thread and see if there are any fellow martial artists here and ask how Crohn's has affected your hobby. I started doing MA with judo when I was about 13 and due to moving with my family moving around I did a few different styles. I always regret not continuing with...
  7. Al77

    The random newbie question session!

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and Crohn's, so I have a few questions, all random and you've probably answered them a million times. I apologise in advance and hope I am posting in the right place. I understand that CD affects people differently, but basically... Medication I've been given...
  8. Al77

    A quick intro!

    Hi all, I just signed up to the forum and before I head over to the general forum and ask a whole bunch of newbie questions, I thought I'd say "hi!". So, erm, Hi! I'm from the UK originally and now live in the backwaters of Europe. I started having a lot of stomach pains, cramps, bloating with...