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    Senga is here!

    Well that's it. Senga the stoma has arrived as of last Wednesday. Thank you all for your answer a supportive comments previously. OH is doing really well with his ileostomy and couldn't be happier at the minute. Any ileostomy tips would be welcomed :)
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    Crohns surgery stoma help!

    Partner has perianal crohns. They are now looking at a likely stoma after setons... Opening abscess an infection after infection. Please tell me about your stoma experience. Recovery... Hospital stays... How life has changed? Many thanks in advance!
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    Stoma for perianal crohns. Stoma in general anyone?

    So partner is now likely going to be getting a stoma to help heal his perianal crohns. Wounds... Fistulas... Setons... He is terrified. I would really help if some of you lovely folks could share your experiences of recovery times.. Your life now.. How it changed you? Just generally helpful...
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    Gutted. Peri-anal crohns experience please!

    So OH is now in hospital... for the third time... surgery for the third time tomorrow. Had 1 abscess.. SURGERY that horseshoed... SURGERY.. back in as there was a hard swelling still after 2 weeks. They did an MRI, more infection and further fistula... SURGERY tomorrow. They then wanted to bring...
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    abscess .. Fisutla... Setons... Healing?!

    So long story short my fiancé has had two surgery's in the last month for a abscess/fistula and a horseshoe abscess/fistula (6cm long). He was admitted due to being septic with the infection from the abscess's so they were fairly mature as he has been having bum issues since a colonoscopy last...
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    Any experience with this? Helpful hints or tips more than welcome. Partner is struggling at the minute with it as it's been a real pain in the @ss... literally. - he has just started Prednisolone 40mg which will hopefully help! Thanks in advance!
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    I have no idea what to do anymore. My partner is so down, he has terrible haemorrhoids at the minute, intermittent bleeding and constant pain and mucas coming from his back passage. It his making him really negative. Along with a couple of strictures an abundance of inflammation and a BMI of 15...
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    Partner with crohns...weight HELP!

    My partner has had crohn's for around 5 years now(or has been diagnosed should I say). When I first met him he was getting a bit better and at the tail end of a flare up, was putting on weight, looking generally healthier. The last 1-2 years(since operation for hernia) his stomach has been...
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    Hello. Partner with Crohns.

    Hello all, having forum lurked for a wee while I thought I'd post. I have a partner with Crohns, who "we thought" was in remission. Had used humira with no results on lowering inflammation, came off all conventional methods and used homeopathy which worked wonders. Inflamation came down, Iron...