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  1. vonfunk

    Ostomy reversal is finished

    So I've not been around in a couple of months. I moved in with a friend, started looking at either going to school or applying for a business grant (grant is more likely), but any way. Beginning of November I asked my surgeon's office if they could but me on "Stand-By", on the off chance...
  2. vonfunk

    T-Minus 16 hours until surgery

    Well until I report to Mt. Sinai at least. Everything became real when I called to confirm my surgery time a little while ago. Currently doing that mad scramble to clean the apartment, clear out the fridge, prep/create spare room for my mom (who is briefly visiting post-surgery), pack my...
  3. vonfunk

    This was supposed to be a good week

    I don't generally vent. It's probably the up bringing,that "keep calm, carry on" "Lie back and think of England mentality", despite the fact that I'm in no way English and most of my heritage has at one point of time been angry with or at war with England. But anyway This was supposed to be a...
  4. vonfunk

    Re-connection question

    While I've a bunch of questions regarding my upcoming reconnection (most of them minor). The big is regarding my GI, or lack of one I should say. My original GI had his practice shift away from GI issues to liver stuff, and gave me referral to a doctor who specialised in IBD. This was all...
  5. vonfunk

    Finally have a surgery date.

    May 7th. I've had my stoma for a few years, I had planned on keeping it for awhile, but I've a few hernias that tend to put me in the hospital on a regular basis, so I'm getting reconnected. Originally this was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago, However I got a call from the surgeon's office...
  6. vonfunk

    Reconnection question: Farts?

    I'm getting my gutty works replumbed at the end of the month. From what I've heard regarding reconnection, the frequency of using the washroom seems seems similar to what would have been a mid flare, albeit lacking the extreme pain and massive internal bleeding. Having not properly farted in...
  7. vonfunk

    Might have a box of supplies, Toronto area

    I've not been on in awhile. You know how it works, you only really show up when they need help etc. (also Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook, that happened) Had a consult with my surgeon on Tuesday regarding the possibility of reconnection. The hernia surgery I had awhile back failed after a year...
  8. vonfunk

    So I got a herina

    I haven't been around much. I've been drinking a lot. But that's neither here nor there. a couple of weeks I had a minor blockage. Normally I just take a bunch of things and pass out for 8 hours. But this happened at 9am while at work. So there was trip to the hospital and a day of...
  9. vonfunk

    #*%@!! toothache.

    I have a toothache that appeared a couple of days ago. I think it's my wisdom tooth. My jaw feels like I have been punched with a brick. I currently can't chomp, and I love chomping. I have tried everything, in fact here's a list: Tylenol 3s, marijuana, alcohol, clove oil, and cocaine. Nothing...
  10. vonfunk

    A question for the Canucks

    So I am almost out of the supplies that I managed to wrangle andfinesse out of the gov't, hospital and various medical supply companies. At this point I think that I will run out sometime near mid January (I think that's pretty good considering surgery was in June). Where do you buy your supplies?
  11. vonfunk

    A couple of questions

    Question one. For those of you that pass mucus, how often does it happen for you? I tend to need to at least 1 once a week sometimes more than that. Question the second. This is mainly directed towards guys on account of the juvenile nature of it, and I don't expect an answer from any of the...
  12. vonfunk

    New ostomy belt

    So I poorly tried to make one for myself out an old t-shirt, it was terribly constructed (but I made it so it should go without saying). I called a friend of mine to ask if she'd fix it up a little, properly attach the velcro, fix the seams etc. She looked at it and said "Do you want me to make...
  13. vonfunk

    I might be switching to Team Crohn's

    So I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon today. The incision is fine, however the pathology came back. The first guy said the there was evidence of inflammation due to IBD. She has now sent it to a pathologist that specialises in GI issues. The initial report while it does not say...
  14. vonfunk

    Have any generic cooking questions?

    I trained as a chef, and I know there is at least one other chef here. I figured that we should probably have a generic thread for asking questions regarding cooking or food in general. This shouldn't be home for medical advice or "what should I eat because I'm in a flare?". Just simply I'm...
  15. vonfunk

    New Supplies

    The hospital I had my surgery at has a contract with Coloplast. When I left the hospital I was given a "welcome package" it consisted of a handful of ostomy supplies. There was some gauze, scissors, a few flanges some bags, and generic medical supplies (I then supplemented it with a few...
  16. vonfunk

    Odd question

    So I've been farting, not from the stoma, from my actual butt. Is this a common thing or is it chalked up to the gas from the surgery escaping?
  17. vonfunk

    So Itchy

    My tum is so itchy. There are the staples, and they shaved my stomach. The hair is just starting to grow back and it is so very itchy. I'm considering just continuing to shave my stomach just to make it stop.
  18. vonfunk

    How close did you stick to the post surgery diet?

    Okay, so I was release around noon, I am at home healing well, moving by the grace of painkillers that are gram for gram as strong as heroin. Now I went out and grabbed a bite to eat with my room mate. Had a burger with no toppings beyond cheese and ketchup, and fries. SO I looked down and...
  19. vonfunk

    Joining you sooner than anticipated.

    Well I had my pre-surgery appt. Today went well I guess, they took blood and vital signs. Asked about my medications, I doubt they'll give me any pot while I'm there though. went over my bowel habits. And gave me a pre surgery pack, marked my stoma location etc. Instead of it being next...
  20. vonfunk

    Chewing Gum May Expedite Recovery Following Colectomy

    I was looking for something else surgery related and came across this. I thought about posting in the media type forum, but figured that people who are facing surgery or have recently had it would probably come to this section first.