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  1. awoenker12

    Notice from Insurance about Switching from Remicade to Biosimilar

    Hey everybody. So today in the mail, I got a notice from my insurance that says that beginning February 1 next year, they are going to switch my Remicade to a biosimilar. I am very hesitant to switch since I have done so well on Remicade. They stated that unless there is approval by my doctor to...
  2. awoenker12

    Notice from Insurance about Remicade

    Hey everybody. So today in the mail, I got a notice from my insurance that says that beginning February 1 next year, they are going to switch my Remicade to a biosimilar. I am very hesitant to switch since I have done so well on Remicade. They stated that unless there is approval by my doctor to...
  3. awoenker12

    Remicade and going off to college

    Hey everybody, I hope all you guys are well in these uncertain times. I am currently a high school senior and I am about ready to make my final decision on where i will be going to college this fall. A big concern between my parents and me is getting access to treatment. The school that I am...
  4. awoenker12

    Strange Remicade Experience

    Hey, I hope everyone has been well. It's been a while since I've last posted or checked on the site. Anyway, I am still on Remicade and I am still doing very well on it. Back in October, I finally turned 18, which meant I had to switch to the adult center instead of going to pediatrics. So, I...
  5. awoenker12

    Ingredients in Biologics

    I was just curious to know what some of the ingredients were since I am on Remicade. So, I did some research and I was really surprised and somewhat concerned after reading some of the inactive ingredients. One ingredient was polysorbate 80 which from what I've read can make gut inflammation...
  6. awoenker12

    Remicade dosage

    Hey everybody, I hope all you guys are doing well. A brief history of my experience with Remicade. I originally started last August with the three loading doses at 0,2, and 6 weeks, and every 8 weeks for maintenance. I am currently on the standard dosage. I have been doing really well on it. I...
  7. awoenker12

    Confused about blood test results

    So today I got my results back from my blood test a few weeks ago. When I got this blood test, it was two days before my Remicade infusion. My doctor and I were suspecting that my levels of Remicade were starting to get low around week 6 since that is when some of my symptoms start to reappear...
  8. awoenker12

    Remicade, Constipation, and other Problems?

    Let me get to the scoop of things here. I have been on Remicade since August last year. I have overall been doing awesome on it. I have also noticed several patterns since the last three infusions. The first two weeks, my stools are very nice and normal. I typically go in the morning, and I have...
  9. awoenker12

    Question about vaccinations

    In the state of Illinois, it is required for me to receive a meningitis vaccine before school next year. Now, I have heard that you have to be careful about your medication and vaccinations. I am currently on Remicade right now, and I was wondering if it is safe to receive this vaccine while on...
  10. awoenker12

    Delaying Remicade Infusion

    I will have to delay my remicade infusion by two days. I know it's not a huge delay but I am just concerned. Currently, I get my infusions every 8 weeks.
  11. awoenker12

    Combination Therapy

    I had a question about the combination therapy. A little background info; I am on Remicade and 6mp, and the Remicade has worked great for me, no symptoms at all. I am also on 6mp which I know is to help prevent antibodies to the Remicade. My question is do I have to continuously be on the 6mp or...
  12. awoenker12

    Longest time in remission

    Hey everyone, had a question for all of you that I want to share. What is the longest time you have been in remission with no symptoms or with very minor symptoms? For me personally, the longest I have gone was 5 and a half years with being just on pentasa. I had a flare up earlier this year...
  13. awoenker12

    Don't know what to do

    Hey everyone, I am stuck and frustrated. I was officially diagnosed with Crohn's back in January, and I was put on 40mg or prednisone and 50mg of 6mp. My symptoms are 2-3 loose bowel movements per day, and occasional mild abdominal pain. The first time I tried tapering off the prednisone, I...
  14. awoenker12

    Starting Remicade

    After what has been several months of trying to find the right medication, my doctor is suggesting that I start Remicade. Back in January, I had a colonoscopy, which showed inflammation throughout my entire colon. My doctor put me on 40mg of prednisone which worked very well to calm down my...
  15. awoenker12

    Increased Bowel Movements?

    Ok, so after a flare that I experienced earlier this year, I am finally back to remission or very close to remission. I am currently tapering off prednisone and I am at 15mg (tapering 5mg weekly from 40mg), and I am on 50mg of 6mp. So here is the situation. Typically, I have one normal formed...
  16. awoenker12

    Abdominal Discomfort

    Hi. So let me start off with saying that my disease is actually quite well managed. I am currently on 50mg of 6mp, colzal, and tapering off prednisone. I am basically symptom free, and only have one bowel movement per day. My one and only symptom is abdominal discomfort. I honestly don't know...
  17. awoenker12

    6mp effectiveness

    Hi! So let me say that back in January I had a colonoscopy after a flare up showing that I had inflammation throughout my entire colon and officially confirmed that I had Crohn's disease. Thankfully, I had no fissures, no fistulas, and no strictures. My initial symptoms were not terrible; loose...
  18. awoenker12

    My Story

    Hi! I am new to this forum and I thought I would share my story. I was first experiencing symptoms back in January 2012 when I was only 10 years old. My symptoms were mainly upset stomach, nausea, painful diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and little appetite. At first, my parents thought I had the...