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  1. Slim Johnson

    I think I have been black listed.

    Well, as the title suggests, I believe I have been blacklisted by the GI doctors in the Salt Lake Valley. I am not exactly sure why, perhaps it's because I advocate for myself, or that I am "noncompliant", or because I scrutinize the doctors decisions before deciding to go with, or against what...
  2. Slim Johnson

    Having surgery Wednesday, March 7th

    So, it looks like I am finally going under the knife. I have wanted surgery for my CD since about '08, and thanks to the incompetence of my treating GI at that time; I ended up on disability, rather than having surgery...:ymad: I had been seeing another surgeon, however he had no sense of...
  3. Slim Johnson

    Did you keep the scraps??

    I am going to be having surgery in the near future, and I really don't want to give my body parts to the hospital. I am curious if any of you have been able to keep your bits and pieces from your operations? I plan on insisting that they give me mine. Since they are MINE, I don't see it as too...
  4. Slim Johnson

    How's the weather treat you?

    I am curious.. When the weather is inconsistent (sunny/rainy/sunny) or if a big storm is coming in; I find that I am horribly constipated, as well as consumed by deep piercing pains in the vicinity of the Ileum, and stomach/left colon. The pain leaves me mostly immobile, sometimes bed ridden...
  5. Slim Johnson

    Hi there! Hate doctors as much as I do??

    Nevermind the generic crap...:boring: Hi all, you can call me Slim! I was diagnosed with CD in 9-2006, and (hopefully not before) sometime in January, I am planning my first surgery to correct several fustulae, as well as a totally trashed Ileum, perhaps some other parts of the small bowel as...