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  1. Dunbar

    New colostomy

    Feb 4th, the first day of my new life with a colostomy. I can say that today because the fistulas stopped draining the day before yesterday and I can sit!!!! I've been couch ridden since Sept, abscess surgery Dec 18, didn't know I had an abscess cause the fistulas were so painful. Surgery...
  2. Dunbar

    Drs and cell phones

    I need a polite way of saying " you don't check your phone when that is up my ass do you?" (I have a sigmoidoscopy next month) At my last visit he read a text while I was in the middle of talking. It bothered me at the time but I didn't say anything. I am more than a bit peeved right now and I...
  3. Dunbar

    Gas as a symptom?

    The last month or so I have developed an interesting but occasionally embarrassing gas issue. Interesting because my diet hasn't changed and I haven't noticed any other irregularities. Embarrassing because some days I am that walking farting grandma :eek2:. I lean over to grab something...
  4. Dunbar

    Do they make self cleaning toilets?

    I for one have had enough of this for one life time. And it's not helping that I'm in an apt. with an old toilet that some previous tenent cleaned with steel wool or comet. EVERYthing sticks, it stays smelling for at least an hour after I'm done and to add insult to injury, my farts have more...
  5. Dunbar

    Sleep issues

    I've found myself waking suddenly, a quick gasp and good to go. Or wake coughing. I just realized its been going on awhile and gradually getting more noticable. I also realized it all started after I went on Humira, coincidence? Anyone having sleep issues?
  6. Dunbar

    Wonky heart beat anyone?

    Every few beats it decides to dance. Kind of scary actually. Anyone else? I have been to emerg and the cardiac unit will contact me to fit me for a Holter moniter but in the mean time I want to know if its the Humira or its just another I'm not 27 anymore thing.
  7. Dunbar

    If not one thing, it's another

    I was taking a child first aide course, ah the irony. My heart has been doing this weird palpatation thing, about every six beats it goes crazy, instructor (cute guy-just thought I'd share)called the ambulance for me and off I went. Ecg, oxygen and xray. Sent home. Will be called to be...
  8. Dunbar

    Rotavirus and fistula?

    rotavirus and fistula? I have gone along beautifully for 11/2 yrs, no fistulas. Got the rotavirus from an infant who got her oral vaccine, only lasted 5 days tho yippee(everyone else in the family had it 7-14 days)and considering I'm on Humira I think that's pretty fantastic. The thing is, a...
  9. Dunbar

    Can I donate blood/organs?

    I want to know darn it! I'm not getting anywhere online and as I am in the BC registry ( registered before I knew I had Crohns) I think this is a need to know thing. I haven't gotten a call back, and I am impatient. A anyone have any idea? I have been on Humira for 1 1/2 years, not flaring, no...
  10. Dunbar

    L-Glutamine & Humira

    Anybody know if there are any issues taking these together, didn't think to ask the gi when I was there, go figure.
  11. Dunbar

    Noticable veins

    My veins have always been close to the surface but only in certain places ie: backs of hands, typical stuff. Lately I have noticed them on my forearms, shins,chest and tonight on the sides of my feet. I am a vampires wet dream. Any ideas?
  12. Dunbar

    Shaving and Azathioprine

    Somewhere I read that on aza I should be using an electric razor, any truth to this? Any ideas as to why? If I have an excuse to not shave I'm game, it keeps me warm and it holds up the nylons in winter and alerts me to mosquitos in the summer.
  13. Dunbar


    I have already worked through a bad flare, weight loss, hair falling out, gas, nausea, vomiting, fatigue. My diagnosis came after I developed fistulas. I thought that with the prednisone, metronidazole and pentasa I was out of the woods. Felt good for a couple of months. Odd things have...