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    Board and stuck in the hospital. This is a vent.

    So Sunday morning i was not feeling well and sent a message to my doc asking for some drugs. Monday morning i get out of the shower from working 7p to 7a and find a message drop by lab for blood work, stool sample, and preregister for a ct scan. So i drive down to the office, stand in line to...
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    Feeling down and thinking to much

    I have gotten to the point that i truly just want surgery. I'm tired of the cramps, tired of bleeding evry day, tired of every time my g/f comes to town her thinking that she needs to take care of me, tired of popping pills that just don't work, tired of popping pills that just cover up issues...
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    Humira vs Remicade?

    I have had IBS issues for years, but was never able to get a doctor to do any testing. Last year I ended up in the hospital for 5 days after bleeding, pain, and lack of energy that had been going on for 6 weeks. The CT scan showed 2 diverticula at the trouble spot so i was treated with lots of...