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  1. PE91

    Patrick's battle with food! Switching to Gluten Free.

    Hello all, I am Patrick, I have been battling crohn's since I was 11. I went downhill overtime but with Humira and now Cimzia I am doing a bit better but my doctor things I may be steroid dependent. I don't want to accept that yet, I am doing so much better. I will be getting my GED in the next...
  2. PE91

    Help with moving on in life.

    Hey all I've had crohns since I was a kid. I got to where I couldn't attend school, because of this I do not have a high school diploma. I have become even more sick right before every attempt at going to GED classes. I haven't been well enough to learn to drive, and do not have a car of my own...
  3. PE91

    Hello My Name is Patrick and I suffer from Crohn's.

    Greetings All, Waring I'm kinda in a down mood at the moment I sincerely apologize. I have suffered from this wretched disease since 2002 "or 3 I'm 95% sure it was 2". I am 21 years old, for years I have tried to ignore the fact I have this ailment. When Im in a happy mood and feeling 90% well...