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  1. J

    {Sick since little] Part2 "The Good Years"

    After my operation I was sent home on a HONORABLE discharge , never had time to recover Navy got me out fast, needed to work on my muscles, could hardly walk so weak.[ luckly my Dad knew all I needed [ being a olympic wieght lifter] helped me... 1 month later got my first real job, [warehouse]...
  2. J

    I was alway very scared to have children

    I have severe crohns since [single digits] I have been through a lot and almost died 2x at this point [3 total] from CROHNS complications, a name that sounds so like no big deal,, being sick so little to the time I jioned the U.S.NAVY I have experienced some very horrorable pain, swollen body...
  3. J

    Sick since very little..........The beginning,part 1

    Since first grade I was always getting fevers and always stomach pains, my Mom would always take me to the doctors, they jusy told her that this is just "GROWING PAINS" ,this went on until 9 years old, things changed I started throwing up for no reason[ not sick] than I would be always very...