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  1. J

    Causes of Crohns any guess

    This could narrow things down , all foods meat or not causes gases in the intestine[[[[so maybe the gas causes the brain to think it is under attack and reacts to protect the intestines [[Just maybe]]]
  2. J

    Hair loss after starting Stelara?

    Entyvio is really the only one that helped me,,,,,, I would assume[[[HOPE]]] if he stops the meds his hair "SHOULD" grow back................Good luck
  3. J

    {Sick since little] Part2 "The Good Years"

    After my operation I was sent home on a HONORABLE discharge , never had time to recover Navy got me out fast, needed to work on my muscles, could hardly walk so weak.[ luckly my Dad knew all I needed [ being a olympic wieght lifter] helped me... 1 month later got my first real job, [warehouse]...
  4. J

    Awful smell around buttocks but no fistulas

    Oh, her smell came from the belly area
  5. J

    Awful smell around buttocks but no fistulas

    This remineds me when I was 11ish, my cousin started smelling like crap, so everyone throught she just needs to wipe better, after 4 more years thing stayed the same , later she was found to have sound wrong internaly and had a operation and was ,perfect from then on ,,, I dont know what she had...
  6. J

    Low B12

    My first surgery in the NAVY [87] my doctors told me how the intestines work as in when aborbsion starts , certin stuff gets absorbed in different parts of the intestines and vitamins are the very last to go at the end of the small intestines ...I had 9 feet[small] removed and 3+ of large....Im...
  7. J

    Low B12

    Prety much with crohns almost everything will be out of order,,, because having Crohns if to have our intestine COATED with a mucus that prevents absorbsion, malnuriment, weak, sickly looking, bones hurt, teeth issue nomatter how much you brush[thats make you all see dentist every year]...
  8. J

    Undiagnosed - Need some advice

    It sounds like the begining of crohns you need to be seen by a gastro. Plz realy dont wait to long...Upper -lower GI will tell if you have crohns,but, sounds like it[[but then again crohns sounds like everything,lol
  9. J

    Scared and stressed

    You may need a upper GI and may a lower GI that WILL tell you whats going on
  10. J

    Any tips for a resection?

    A VERY HAPPY KID, you cant understand ,but, your son is in pain wether he may show or not, after this operation he will feel like [reborn]
  11. J

    I was alway very scared to have children

    I have severe crohns since [single digits] I have been through a lot and almost died 2x at this point [3 total] from CROHNS complications, a name that sounds so like no big deal,, being sick so little to the time I jioned the U.S.NAVY I have experienced some very horrorable pain, swollen body...
  12. J

    Scared and stressed

    intestines can ,believe, it or not stop working or working normal which does exactly what you are going throught , Iwas this way for many years befor ethe doctor throught about "LINZEST" this was a mirical med for me , check it out on line to see if it sounds like you
  13. J

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Very nice ,but, not all family are affectionate like that you are a saint , me I was always alone going throughweeks long stays in the hospital and massive pain suffering wives kids get used to the idea you are very sick so it starts to be no BIG DEAL anymore ,, I had positive thinking I even...
  14. J

    suspected crohns ( Upper gastrointestinal or Gastroparesis ibs )

    Crohns can or atleast used to little difficult to dianose because ther eare so so many thing that SOUND just the same,, the RIGHT test [in the NAVY hospital 5 month before they found I had crohns] be patient you could just need a daily laxative[ so many things]] Make sure you keep seeing the...
  15. J

    Availability of restrooms during COVID?

    Yes same here to in Rhode Island....130 miles damm you in Oklahoma ,lol.....I throught going to Boston,Ma. 1 hour + away was bad.. I understand though, I truly cant go to the bathrooms just anywhere, my wife can, but, not me.....When I was on Linzest, the best meds to help with getting the...
  16. J

    Medical Marijuana vs immunosuppressants

    I am almost NEVER hungry ,I could only eat small bites and be alset, the doctor told me about MM to see if I want to try to help me with eating, so I said ok Im willing to try anything at that point, 5 months later I was on and had a caregiver [because IM poor[Disabled from crohns ,but, main...
  17. J

    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    I know my pepere' [grandfather] had it he NEVER complained about anything, was alway haing accidents and you can see the pain in his face..He is the first that the family knows [thinks] had it...... I was very small I alway felt bad to see him that way..............That was the 70's-90's.....for...
  18. J

    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    Crohns has been around for very long time ,just ,nobody knew what was going on.. 1800s people were having the intestines burn through the abdomen ,causing massive fisculars coming through the abdomen area,,, spilling bio-fluids,, we are lucky we dont live back then, we'd all be in horrorible...
  19. J

    How do you deal with Fatigue?

    My story--- I was like you so very tired alday long ,you feel like crap ,oneday my Mom brang over a juicer" with Apples Carrots Beets [Warning using beets will turn your pee red,, dont be scared]] Kale, spinach and some other big green leaf,,, but, it the greens you want not celery, salad, but...