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    Inflammation markers

    Calprotectin may be a more sensitive marker for inflammation in CD compare to CRP
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    Crohn’s map vaccine

    Good news. Weird to be the only one person to get it 😆
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    2021 The year of hospitalizations and new treatment

    Hope 2022 will be great for you. Let us know how it goes with Stelara.
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    Exciting new vedolizumab injections!

    I started the self injection version of entyvio too. It’s great , it saves a lot of time for us patients and for doctors and nurses.
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    Newer Diet May Expand Food Options For Many Children With Crohn’s

    That’s a great news. Do you have more details on the exclusion diet?
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    Losing appetite but feeling healthy, flare incoming?

    I would stay away from industrial snacks if that was the kind of snack you mentionned. all the nasty things inside can really impair our guts, and trigger flares
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    Skin cancer from Azathioprine

    I think overall biologics are a much better option than azathioprin in terms of results, risks and side effects
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    Flare or something else

    For adults it may be different regarding the dossge it’s a bit excessive to look for a second opinion for the pred dose. i’d whether ask why pred and not a biologic? If biologic is not an option with your actual doctor, then yes ask for a second opinion
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    First Appointment Advice

    Hello, My advice would be to prepare the appointment with notes on all your intestinal symptoms and extra intestinal symptoms (fever, fatigue, muscular pain, etc…). Then ask questions and take notes of his answers if needed. Sometimes doctors give a lot of information and tips that may be hard...
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    Remicade anti-TNF therapy has not yielded expected declines in hospitalisation and intestinal resection rates in inflammatory bowel diseases

    Yeah it’s still a kind of mistery I think, why crohns is active only in few spots and not in the entire bowel tract. So when you cut out one on these spots, it’s very likely the disease will come black near there if it does.
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    Remicade anti-TNF therapy has not yielded expected declines in hospitalisation and intestinal resection rates in inflammatory bowel diseases

    Regarding surgery, you right there may be recurrence, that’s why surgery is the last option (in case of more osbtruction for example…). Also recurrence is not 100% guaranteed. Not sure there is a favourite biologic. Will depend on your case i guess. Hopefully in the close future dna or other...
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    Rough year, need to vent

    Hi Joleen, I hope you’ll feel better soon. The questran should help with BM. Regarding the iron you could also ask your doctor about injection, it’s much quicker to reach high levels. Is your disease under control with medicines now?
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    Finding my own way with Crohn's

    Great idea! Not available in europe though?
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    No response to medications, now having surgery

    Hope you’ll feel better after this surgery. You can fight this and you will. Let us know how you are soon.
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    Going on biologics or similar- Fear

    Dont think those medications, imuran or biologics, will dramatically change your life. It didnt change anything in my case, except having regular check ups (mainly blood exams) which is not that bad at the end... We have to go on living normal lifes even with those medications. Most of the...
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    Staying Positive

    Hi older crohner and welcome, I have a similar story, been on aza, humira and entyvio now, but still have symptoms and calpro higher than 1000. Did they decide to switch to therapy because of calpro result only? You’ll be on stelara every 4 wks?
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    Considering stopping Humira after 17 years, looking for advice.

    I also had many skins and strange nose conditions (very dry inside leading to infections, i had to put specific hydrating gels continuously) while on Humira. I’m feeling much better with entyvio on that side (no more skin or nose issues).
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    improvement after taking Entyvio

    Reward are greater than risks I think. If you start a biologic treatment like entyvio, you’ll have periodic check up to prevent the risks, so you’ll be under control. That’s not the case if you dont follow any treatment. But you should discuss the options on the table with your GI or another one...
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    what are your symptoms ? usually surgery election depends on symptoms too. If there are bearable, maybe another treatment as you mentionned like entyvio could make it better
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    improvement after taking Entyvio

    That’s great. Hope you keep improving