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    Use of Stelara

    Anybody have experience with this drug in Remicade and Humira treatment failure?
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    My Daughters story

    I just joined today and basically put My Daughters story on my Post in Parents of Crohns including my pressing question of how long to give Humira to work before moving on to her 3rd Biologic of Stelara.Please read it there to get more info about her case history Thanks and God Bless to all...
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    How long to wait for Humira to work before moving to new Biologic?

    My Daughter is 17 .She was diagnosed March 2016 with severe Crohns particularly in Terminal Ileum and beginning of Large Colon.She was started on IV Remicade and did very well for 5 months until Antibodies developed.She was started on Humira Jan 3 WEEKLY because of severity of disease without...