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    Had my 1st operation yesterday

    Hi all This is just a little message to say that I had my operation (removal of ileum, appendix and bits of large and small bowel) I am still in significant pain and just had some soup but in more pain now. How long does this surgery roughly take to recover from? At the moment it feels awful...
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    It seems everything new article I read is another food NOT to eat :-(

    Hi everyone I'm about to have my first resection in 5 days time and I've been researching and reading lots of posts on here to try and figure out a plan of action post surgery. I'm now so confused by all the many articles and studies out there. At the moment my staples have been potatoes...
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    My Operation in a weeks time and very scared ileum removal

    Hi Everyone I was diagnosed with Crohn's around this time last year and found a stricture in my small intestine near the ileum I also had severe bile salt malabsorption. I started a course of steroids and pentasa which really started to help and I was very pleased until after I finished a...
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    My story- infliximab or surgery???

    Hello everyone I am newly diagnose with Small bowel crohns disease. I started to get really ill after my third child last january. finally after several investigations an MRI showed narrowing and inflamation of the small bowel and TI. Also showed a stricture. i also had severe bile salt...