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    14 Year old==Struggling to taper off Prednisone

    Hi everyone My 14 year had a flare up Oct7th and was put on Prednisone. (Started with 40mg/day and now on 30mg/day). She also gets 500Mg Remicade every 4 weeks. When she tries 25mg/day, some of her symptoms keep coming back (Diarrhea/joint pain and pain goes from hardly anything to 4 or 5). As...
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    Flare after increased Remicade dosage ? Need advice . Thanks and appreciate

    Hi All I have been reading pretty much every post on this website to gather as much information as possible. My 14 year daughter recently got diagnosed (late June) with severe small bowel Crohn's through MRE and Capsule (She also has Arthritis and couple of other auto immune conditions (Iron...