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    endoscopy Hi everyone, I had an endoscopy yesterday and was diagnosed with GERD. I was wondering if anyone else experienced pain and irritation after their scope? It feels like heartburn so I don't know if it's the GERD but it also feels like when I eat that i'm swallowing glass. Is this just...
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    Colonoscopy results

    colonoscopy results I just got back from getting the colonoscopy. Everything came back normal, like I thought it would. So my GI diagnosed me with IBS and gave me another medication to try. However, when I was prepping, water made me nauseaus and I thought the chicken broth I had for dinner...
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    How do you know when you're done with colonoscopy prep

    I am doing my prep right now, took the miralax gatorade mix about 4 hours ago and I'm not really going to the bathroom that much anymore. How do I know when I'm done? It's like a light yellow water now. I don't want to drink the other gatorade with miralax in the morning if I don't have to...or...
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    Frustrated with doctor

    frustrated with doctor Hi everyone, So I had an appointment with my GI and he still thinks it's just IBS. When I was in the ER two weeks ago they prescribed me Bentyl for IBS and it did nothing. I just really don't think it's IBS. I looked at that chart that's on here that compared IBS and IBD...
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    No diarrhea?

    Do any of you not have constant diarrhea? I had it for about a month straight and it was horrible and after I went to the doctor the D stopped but my other symptoms have gotten worse. I feel like I have to have a bowel movement all the time but now I can never go. I thought D was a constant...
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    Finally getting a colonoscopy

    finally getting a colonoscopy Hello, So I was finally booked for a colonoscopy! It will be next Thursday and I am praying it will give me some answers. My doctor wanted me to wait 3 more weeks and I said absolutely not, my pain is getting progressively worse and I can not deal with it for...
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    depression Does anyone get really emotional when they are having a flare? I'm still awaiting my colonoscopy and I just feel like I'm in limbo and the cramps and nauseau are getting worse everyday and today I'm just feeling so emotional, like pms x 100. I asked my dad a simple question about our...
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    Does Crohn's Disease pain wax and wane

    I was wondering if it is typical for crohns pain to wax and wane. I have been dealing with abdominal pain for a couple months now and am finally scheduled to get a colonoscopy in the next week or two. The last couple days, I start to feel better and then, out of nowhere, am hit with the worst...
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    Hi everyone, I'm new here :) I've been getting extremely frustrated dealing with these symptoms and I don't seem to be getting much help from doctors. A couple of months ago I got severe diarrhea and cramps and since then, it's been constant abdominal pain, cramps, my joints are making me feel...