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    Odd pain is only symptom?

    I've not been on for a while because I have been doing really well. I would say my bowels are completely normal and I feel well in myself. The only thing is I am still getting a pain in my right side - it is not so much a bad pain as a dull pulling type feeling particularly when I move. At my...
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    Sharing some hope and good news!

    Earlier this year I was really ill with my Crohn's having severe diarrhoea, which I have had really for the past ten years or so. Passing masses of blood, severe pains etc. Steroids didn't work. Colonoscopy showed severe ulceration and bleeding in the small bowel. Aza made me violently sick...
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    Macrocytic Anaemia - test results

    I have just got my latest blood results from my GP. He has asked me to see my GI as he is not sure whether the results are as a result of the 6MP or B12 levels. My B12 has gone up slightly to 194ng/l (140-682) but my Mean Cell Volume is up at 105FL (83.0-101.0) and Mean Cell Haemoglobin is up...
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    Link between Ferritin and B12?

    I am wondering what the relationship is between Ferritin and B12. Is it possible to have a normal Ferritin level but a low B12? At my last blood test a month ago, my Ferritin level had increased to normal and my B12 level was low normal. I am still really tired so have had bloods taken again...
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    Sebhorrheic Dermatitis

    I have developed a patchy rash on my face. It disappears completely with strong steroid cream but comes back once the cream discontinues. My GP says he hasn't seen it before and has referred me to a dermatologist but that appointment could take months. I think having researched on Google that...
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    Sublingual B12 spray?

    I am wondering if anyone has had any success with a Sublingual B12 spray? My GI won't prescribe the B12 injections but I am feeling so tired I want to try something and I have read that sublingual absorption may get around the problem of it not being absorbed through the terminal ileum which is...
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    Latest results

    I saw my Consultant this morning and he is generally very happy. My HB, Platelets and albumin are all within normal ranges now for the first time since March. He was pleased my GP had put me on Ferrous Sulfate because my Ferritin had dropped from over 30 to 7 since March. I am staying on my...
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    Odd pain

    95% of the time I don't have any pain, just diarrhoea and that is getting better now I am on 6MP. The pain I do get is when I am bending or lying on my front. Bending to put shoes on is a killer! The pain is right side of the abdomen below my ribs. I am seeing my GI on Tuesday - I will...
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    Latest Blood results - how abnormal are they?

    I last saw my GI ten days ago having had trouble with fatigue on 75mg 6MP so I returned to 50mg. My HB 10 days ago was 11 down from 11.7. The past two weeks I have been getting a lot of sores in my mouth so rang for my latest blood results, which are as follows: HB = 10.3 Ferritin = 7 Folic...
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    Latest Blood results - how abnormal are they?

    I last saw my GI ten days ago having had trouble with fatigue on 75mg 6MP so I returned to 50mg. My HB 10 days ago was 11 down from 11.7. The past two weeks I have been getting a lot of sores in my mouth so rang for my latest blood results, which are as follows: HB = 10.3 Ferritin = 7 Folic...
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    Crohn's without losing weight.

    Is anyone else like me. I was first diagnosed in 1996 and I have never experienced weight loss as a result despite long spells of very bad diarrhoea etc. I have confirmed CD in my Colon but have never had any investigations of the upper end. Could the location of the disease be responsible...
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    What are we aiming for?

    I started in my worst flare yet last September and it has been ongoing since then. Between September and January I had terrible diarrhoea 20+ times a day, erythema nodosum, joint pain etc. Since then I have had a colonoscopy which showed two skip lesions, the last one of which was big enough...
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    6MP - a sign of things to come?

    I have been on 50mg 6MP for about 6 weeks. On Saturday I was due to increase to 75mg by splitting a tablet but I forgot I was meant to split it and took two 50mg tablets so I had 100mg on Saturday night. Yesterday was horrendous! I had no energy, painful joints, painful muscles, no appetite...
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    Is photosensitivity an EIM of Crohn's?

    I am wondering if sensitivity to sun is an extra intestinal manifestation of Crohn's? For the past several years I have been very sensitive to sun and I have been on no crown's meds. This year now I am on meds, I so far seem to have been fine! Could be wishful thinking but I'd love to know if...
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    Definitive diagnosis of Crohn's?

    I am wondering if there is any specific way to diagnose Crohn's over any other form of IBD? My colonoscopy revealed "mild proctitis and digital sigmoiditis with a skip lesion at 30cm and again at 70cm. I could not progress beyond the proximal lesion" Unfortunately I don't have the biopsy...
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    LDN in the UK?

    I am seeing my consultant tomorrow having stopped AZA. I have been reading up on some of the other medications and I am really interested in LDN but I can't seem to find any posts from people in the UK who are taking it. Does anyone know about availability in the UK?
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    Bad, bad night!

    Another Bad, bad night! Having had the nausea with the Aza, I decided last night to just take one after my dinner at 7pm. Within an hour I was being sick and that carried on until midnight. I am glad I only took the one as I have a big wedding to photograph today, I dread to think what would...
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    Azathioprine fail! What next?

    I think I am definitely going to have to come off the Azathioprine. On 150mg a day, if I split the dose I feel sick all day, if I take it all in one go at any time of day I am very sick within just a few hours. 100mg at night seems ok. I have an appointment with my GI next week but I wondered...
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    Aza gets its revenge!

    I have been feeling very smug about not getting any side effects from the AZA. I've been on 100mg a day for the past week, taking it in the morning absolutely fine. Today is day one of 150mg. I took it at 7.30am as normal and by 11.30am I was throwing up bright yellow, foul tasting liquid. I...
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    Yellow wee!

    I've been on Aza for a week now with no side effect on 50mg. This morning my wee was bright yellow! A very pretty side effect perhaps!