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    Probiotic strains for crohns

    Just wondering what are known strains of probiotics I should look out for (and at what therapeutic dose?)? The only one I've been trying to get is B infantis as this is what my gastroenterologist said. The mix I'm taking now is bifidobacterium lactus (14bill), B animails ssp lactis(2bill), B...
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    Advice/Thoughts on current situation (Crohn's disease with stricture and ulceration of duodenum)

    I have recently changed gastros after 9 long years of my previous one whom i disliked to say the least. My new one has actually explained my situation in depth and I feel much more comfortable with her treatment plan - which includes giving me options :). My most pressing issue is ulceration...
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    What are the side effects? I know it is linked to dementia but is that just long term? I have a box I was prescribed a couple of months ago but didn't take because I wanted to see if the other drug I was prescribed (rifaximin) worked (which it did). Now I'm overseas and my symptoms are...
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    I finished a course of rifaximin a month ago and my symptoms completely disappeared. I have crohn's disease and was in a bit of a flare up - bit of blood in stools, sloppy/sticky unformed stools and bad indigestion. Also was taking humira which I've been on the last 8 years. Anyway off it a...
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    Living overseas/back packing with humira

    I intend on going away as soon as I finish my degree in 6 months time for an undisclosed amount of time but ideally well over a year (I understand I will have to come back to Australia annually to refill my script [if I stay on humira]). Hypothetically, I have relatives in the UK which could be...
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    High ALT levels

    alanine aminotransferase (ALT). Mine have been high the past year. Levels have been between 45-90 over about 9 blood tests and last one was 50. So nothing too extreme but it's still high.. What can I do for this? I'm on humira, salofalk and somac. everything else on my blood test is normal.
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    My Small business////trainer with Crohn's

    Been diagnosed since I was 16 so more than 7 years now and yet I still have managed to gain experience playing professional basketball all while dealing with severe Crohn's, injuries, and many more losses while being in a highly stressful and demanding environment. Anyway now I am studying to...
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    my friends that smoke every day and do limited other drugs have become so fried. so yes i think regular use would lead to memory loss. here in australia we dont have access to medical marijuana though so wouldnt know what a difference in quality can do.
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    Stopping humira

    ...been going to a homeopath for over a year now and he tells me its time i go off humira which ive been on for over 4 years now. just letting you guys know that im scared. i just took my pen now (after 3 weeks vses 2) because i felt my stomach get a bit funny because im nervous about not taking...
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    Can Humira cause psoriasis/skin conditions?

    I've been getting psoriasis the last 2 years (been on Humira for 3) and was wondering if there was any correlation.... So if other's seem to get it; my understanding of psoriasis is it's caused from your liver being overworked and the toxins find a way to leave the body through the skin instead...