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  1. Sashawright

    Malfunction of Humira pen

    Hi all! Has anyone ever had a malfunction of auto pen? I did my injection yesterday to the usual site, usual count of 10 seconds and when I pulled it out, it squirted a stream a foot across the room ! Freaked me out. I have been on humira for almost 2 years and 1st time this has ever...
  2. Sashawright

    Once a week dosing of Humira

    My GI is wanting me to start weekly injections as my last CT enterography showd some improvement, but still active crohn's in th IC. it has definetly helped me but I dread the weekly stings. Any thoughts? Anybody else on weekly?:ghug:
  3. Sashawright

    Nodule/lump on finger and joint pain

    All of a sudden today, I felt this nodule-like lump on the 1st joint of my pointer finger. It is so sore and I don't know where it came from! I always have joint pain right before I have to inject humira ( 2 days out), but am wondering if this is the beginning of something. I already have a...
  4. Sashawright

    Swollen lymph nodes while on humira

    Anyone experiencing enlarged neck ( cervical) nodes while on humira? I have a enlarged left sided node that is slightly tender. I am in my 4th month of humira and have had a runny nose and URI since... It gets a little better, then comes back.... On: Humira 40 Mg every other week Imuran 100 mg...
  5. Sashawright

    Hull less popcorn

    Has anyone tried the hull less popcorn? Is it safe for crohnies?:D
  6. Sashawright

    Dry eyes/corneal abrasion and crohns

    Ok, just was diagnosed with my 4th corneal abrasion in 2 years! Dr. Gave me the blessed numbing drops and a contact patch to ease the pain. Anyone else have these issues? I was supposed to use MURO 123 drops, but quit using and now I am paying for it.:( I have read that crohns can cause some...
  7. Sashawright

    Increasing pain from humira injection

    Has anyone had or has increasing pain during and after the humira injection? I am on my 2nd maintenance single dose, and it HURT like a MOFO ( excuse my French):). ! I also had increased soreness on my leg today, it sure has helped my crohns ileitis with inflammatory strictures though. I am...
  8. Sashawright

    2nd round of humira

    Well, I just had my 2nd round of humira with two injections. I left them out at room temperature for about an hour, and it still stung, but not near as bad as the 1st time. Now I have until December 19th, then just one injection every other week....keeping my fingers crossed that it works ...
  9. Sashawright

    Health insurance denied me for humira!

    I am so mad! My insurance company. It is private insurance, has denied me humira because they say that I have been non-compliant with my Pentasa and imuran...I said" explain" because I am very compliant! They stated there was a 3 week lag in filing my prescriptions in the past . I have...
  10. Sashawright

    Starting Humira next week

    I am nervous about starting Humira next week. ( my choice over Remicade). I DESPISE needles, and thought I would do better with an injectable over IV's, but I am having second thoughts about the amount of pain that people have from the humira injection.:( Is is crazy to consider IV Remicade...
  11. Sashawright

    Very very smelly gas

    I am usually mortified to discuss this, but I feel like I am with my own kind here.:). So... Saw a new GI last week and she changed my meds a bit. Since upping my dose of Imuran and stopping Pentasa, I have had the most GOD AWFUL smelly gas. It is the Silent but deadly type, but smells like I...
  12. Sashawright

    Upper GI series withDSB

    I had my 1st SBO 01-12. Spent 7days in hospital with ng tube ,etc but luckily managed without surgery. I have been on 4000 mg's Pentasa since and it's holding me for the most part. I still have mild pain and bloating, etc. had a EGD/CONONOSCOPY which showed mild gastritis, duodenitis with mild...