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    Post-surgery scans?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering what kinds of scans or body checks were performed after your surgery to determine how you were healing both internally and externally? I had a extended ileocecectomy in October (ileocecal valve and large amount of small intestine removed, including terminal ileum)...
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    Bioelectronic Treatment

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    Miralax prep...yay(?)

    So I have a colonoscopy next week and my GI agreed to let me do the Miralax prep. After having used Moviprep and SuPrep in the past - which were completely terrible due to the truly awful taste (think salty lemon furniture cleanser - 64 ounces of it!) - I am almost looking forward to the...
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    Switching to Humira from Remicade

    I have been on Remicade for about 16 months and the effectiveness is now wearing off quickly. I am considering switching to Humira. For those who have switched to Humira from Remicade, can you share your experience? Do you have to wait a certain period of time between the switch? Do any...
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    Abscess - rupture vs. drain?

    I've developed my first abscess ever and it's been both painful and scary. Some info: My Crohn's symptoms started 4 years ago and I have been on Remicade for a little less than a year. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a swelling and hard bump near the side of my vagina, but it wasn't painful or...
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    Remicade fail...now what?

    When I started Remicade in May 2011, I was really hopeful it would be my "miracle drug". It worked very well for about 4 months - eliminating nearly all my Crohn's symptoms (extreme intestinal pain and nausea, some diarrhea). However, since September, the drug efficiency has faded quickly and...
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    Non-painful throat lump

    Has anyone had this type of symptom - a non-painful throat lump? It feels like the right side of my throat has tightened up or like there's a tense lump there. It's at the area right below the back of my throat - sort of above the Adam's apple (if I had one). It doesn't hinder my swallowing...
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    Wounds and time to heal

    I've noticed that one of the Remicade "side effects" for me is that wounds take longer to heal. Pre-Remi a wound such as a paper cut would take a day or so to fully close and form a scab, but now it takes at least two days. Bug bites also take longer to disappear off my body. I know Remi...
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    Your take on my prescripton situation

    Greetings everyone. This is my first post after lurking on this site for many many months. This forum has been a great source of comfort, information and insight since I discovered it after my diagnosis in late 2009. I'm glad it's around and filled with such wonderful people. My reason for...