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    My Crohn's Story - From US to India

    @india_sanjay my only advice is keep the inflammation under control. Ever since I was diagnosed it keeps progressing for me even though I am on biologicals
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    My Crohn's Story - From US to India

    Hi @india_sanjay I am still in US. In 2020 I was sick and went to India tried one month with just some healthy diet to recover without any medication as an experiment but my symptoms didn't get better until they started biologics so there is no proof that I can survive with just some healthy...
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    Travelling overseas for a vacation

    Hope you all doing good. I live in US and I am planning to travel my home country for a long vacation which is about 3 to 4 months. Currently I am on hichest dose of Remicade for every 4 weeks. In my country Remicade is way expensive to buy. Are there anyways to get it through shipment from here...
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    Remicade and insurance coverage in Florida

    Register in janssencare path they usually support your copay for Remicade
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    Ayurvedic treatment

    Hi Sunit or Vinu any luck with ayurvedic treatment. I am really looking for some alternative treatments as I have aggressive crohns
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    Ayurvedic treatment for crohns

    Naga, any luck with ayurvedic treatment? I am also looking for some ayurvedha please let me know if any treatment helped you. Thank you
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    In Clinical remission without meds since last one year

    Any luck with homeopathy? Please share your experiences. THANKS
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    Methotrexate during covid times

    Hi All, I know Methotroxate will suppress our immune power. My GI has prescribed me this since my body formed anti bodies to Remicade. My concern is how safe is to take this drug during covid situation. Has anybody had any experiences with covid while on this drug?
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    Remicade not effective anymore?

    Hi Madhu, How is he doing now. I also have a similar story and Remicade stopped working So my doctor is doubling the dose and if that also doesn't work he want to me to switch to Entyvio or Stelara. Are you still on Remicade?
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    Remicade dosage

    Initially I had little joint pains but now I don't feel any
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    Remicade dosage

    Thanks Jo-mom but I am wondering once our body formed anti bodies is there a way Remicade can sustain in our body? just curious
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    Remicade dosage

    Hi All, I have similar issue. I started taking Remicade in March 2020 and its not even an year my body shows anti bodies to remicade and just before my infusion my remicade levels were 0.4 So my GI decided to double the dose which is 10mg/kg. if this doesn't work then his plan is to switch to...
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    That Pain in the Butt

    If you dont mind can you please share the diet you are following..
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    Is Alpha probiotic good for crohns?

    Thanks Kiny and jo mom
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    Not gaining weight on Remicade

    I am eating food more than what I use to.. could be my protien absorption has gone low..
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    Is Alpha probiotic good for crohns?

    Hey, I am planning to start alpha proboitics for my crohn's. Any one using any thought on this specific proboitic? I feel it is expensive. Thanks
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    Not gaining weight on Remicade

    Hi all, I started taking Remicade 4 months back so far it gave me good results but I am not gaining weight at all. I lost almost 20lbs when I was sick. I am also getting light join pains. Any suggestions or any experiences please share. Thank you in advance
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    Causes of Crohns any guess

    Hi Kiny, thanks for your response useful data. Good to know that we can detect crohns ahead.
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    Causes of Crohns any guess

    The reason why I asked is one of my friend’s mom came to USA and she became sick and got Crohns during her short visit. She never had any symptoms before and she was so healthy. Moreover she is 60+ age. There should be some food which triggered Crohn’s disease. Even In my early diagnosis my...
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    Causes of Crohns any guess

    Hi all, As everyone aware no doctor has an idea about Crohn’s disease causes but as from my experience I am sharing my thoughts. I usually don’t drink milk and also in India we drink buffalo milk. Here people don’t give steroids to buffalos to get more milk like in western countries(please...