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    Stem Cell treatment for fistulas

    Has anyone heard about this research? http://www.mayoclinic.org/medical-professionals/clinical-updates/digestive-diseases/study-evaluate-stem-cell-fistula-plugs-perianal-crohns The article is not dated, so it's not clear where they are in the study, but it sounds promising. I'm wondering if...
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    When to give up on Remicade

    I've been on Remicade for about 7 months. Got a colonoscopy and MRI after 6 months and they showed that the Remicade hasn't been effective. The stricturing in my small intestines is about the same as it was when I started. I had one fistula when this all began. It's still there, and in the last...
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    Cost of Remicade

    I've had 3 infusions so far, and my insurance (Blue Shield) approved it, but I just got a letter from them that they received my claim for the first infusion, for $33,000. FOR ONE INFUSION!!!! They said there was a delay in processing my claim, no doubt because they have sticker shock. A couple...
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    Tips for getting an IV inserted

    I've just had my first Remicade infusion, and as usually happens with me, it took 3 tries to get the IV inserted, and a more experienced nurse had to get called over to help. I have very low blood pressure, and tried to hydrate well beforehand. The first nurse said I had "a lot of valves in my...
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    Hi everyone

    I've been posting elsewhere, but wanted to come in and introduce myself. I'm a 43 year old woman living in rural California with my husband, dog and cat. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 19. Had abdominal pains for years before that seemed to coincide with stress. In college started going...
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    What do you tell people??

    I was wondering how others deal with the subject of telling people what's wrong with them. It's so embarrassing! I'm not sure why it's so hard for me, but even telling close family specifically what I'm dealing with (perianal fistula/abscess) has been difficult for me. I don't want to gross them...
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    Fistulas and infection (MRSA)

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, and before introducing myself, I have a burning question I wanted to get opinions on (I'll also be asking my doctor at my next visit of course)...I have a perianal fistula and abscess and am going to get a seton placed next week. This is my first time experiencing...