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    Affording medication

    Hi. So is anyone else struggling with affording their medication? My doctor put me on pentasa but unfortunately I can't afford 150 a month and I make about 1,000 to much a year for assistance. Anyone else who can relate?
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    January 2014- Right colectomy and removal of two fistulas Monday- Prep to clear myself out before surgery. Tuesday- 9:30 Am surgery. Laproscopic, with a one inch cut above belly button (dr's had to cut into muscle) I don't remember going into surgery nor do I remember being transported to the...
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    My Story (sorry for the length)

    beginning of 2013- I started getting bad stomach aches. I would get sharp shooting pains for about 20-30 seconds (always above belly button) that would make me feel like I was going to pass out. It felt as if someone was going inside my stomach and ripping out my insides. I would get so sick I...