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    Infliximab not funded feel so helpless

    Hi all, havent been on here in a while, i have been being treated for crohns since august i tried aza and 6mp and was vomitting alot so my consultant took me off them and put me on steriods which seemed to settle the symptoms but told me that the next step was to have a look in my small bowel...
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    Dunno what to do

    Hi everyone havent posted on here in a while I was on azathioprine and had to come off of it as i could not stop vomitting i was put on 6MP. I started it on the friday and by tuesday i was vomitting non stop and could not stop to the point where i ended up in a&e i was also getting alot of...
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    Really not feeling good

    Hi everyone, So im waiting to see if i can start steriods on top of my azathioprine 50mg. These last few days i feel like ive gone downhill. I really just dont want to eat anything and when food is presented to me i just dont feel hungry or want to eat anything. Ive dropped 2.5kg in 3 weeks i...
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    Some Help on Azathioprine

    Hi everyone havent been on here for a while, Im now diagnosed!!!! I ended up in hospital 5 weeks ago where my pill cam come back and showed mutiple superficial ulcers and erosions. I had a small bowel mri scan also that showed a segment of terminal ileum circumferently thickened consistent with...
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    Can anyone help

    Hi all, im undiagnosed still, am just wondering if any of you suffer with bad bad back pain and what is the cause of this, i am getting pain in my tummy and it feels like it is going through to my back, its my lower back and feels like its at the back of my sacrum, it goes through my buttocks...
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    How much do you weigh

    Hi all just wondering how much everyone weighs on here, been on steriods now for 8 months and have put on 5kg since being on them which makes me 59kg now
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    So frustrated

    Hi everyone, so i went to see my gi toay and my pill cam results are normal, i was not suprised seen as i was on high doseage of steriods before the test and when i had it , she said the amount of symptoms i was having it would have most deffinatly come back with inflammation can not understand...
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    Waking up hot!

    waking up hot! Hi everyone so I'm just wondering if any of you ever wake up feeling really hot and sweating I'm talking about not waking up with pain as such but more of the fact your waking up cos your so hot. This has been happening to me for the past few days now and I'm losing sleep and...
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    Back from hospital

    Hi everyone so having a 2 day stay at the hospital i was admitted with a tempreture of 39.2 and fainted infront of the dr and was sick, and was aching everywhere especially in my back, automatic stay, they ran numerous blood tests my CRP was up went to 15 but what they thought was a kidney...
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    Post capsule endoscopy please help!

    post capsule endoscopy please help! Hi all I had my capsule endoscopy on thursday and over the weekend I have felt so shit but its come to a head this morning. I haven't been able to go to the toilet for 2 weeks now I got this pain like the normal diareah run to the loo pain but all over my...
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    UTI and crohns?

    Hi everyone so ive been battling with what i thought was a urine infection, i went to the doctors this morning and my urine from the lab shows high white blood cells but there is no bacteria overgrowth so he said it was not a true water infection, i did another sample today still showing high...
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    What is this rash

    Hi everyone for the last few months been getting a rash on my knee's, elbows and ankles, its like a heat rash and burns up and very painful to bend my legs and then it goes down again, it can be both knee's or just one. Just wondered if anyone knew what this is? My gi said you can get skin...
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    Second hospital admission this yr

    Hi everyone Just been discharged from my second admission to hospital this year due to suspected crohns. Have been put back on steriods since last friday and was discharged yesterday as i feel a little better. I still cant keep anything down and keepo being sick but the pain feels much better...
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    Arrrrgggh really... shoot me now!!!!

    Hi all so had my Gi appointment today and all i can say is what a waste of time. She is basically saying i have to wait for my test and then if it comes back all normal then they are back to square one and it will be back to the dyfunctional bowel route. I am seething not only have my bloods...
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    Lump on right side

    Hi everyone well i went to my gp yesterday as i am concerned for a lump i have seen pop up over this last week. He felt my tummy and is sending me for an urgent ultrasound he said it could be my bowel protruding through my abdominal wall and keeps popping in and out but could also be an abscess...
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    Does anyone have any idea?

    Hi all, am wondering if anybody has ever had black things in there diareah it comes out watery and sometimes not everytime im noticing there are these black things in the toilet bowl that look like raisins or sultanas? Any idea, i havent eaten these btw, just getting worried as this is a new...
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    Sick of relationships

    Im so sick of trying and trying, im so upset ive been with my partner for 6 years and in them six years theres always been rows and things but i feel since ive become ill its all got on top of me. :( I just feel so alone, the problem keeps occuring that at the moment im in this big flare up and...
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    What do you think of this???

    Hey guys this documentary was on the other day of this man in prison, Check it out, its quite good humour but omg makes you think why would you make up being disabled and cant walk and pooing and weeing all over your room Let us know what you think...
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    Collasped at work

    Hi everyone i guess im just ventin my frustrations out here, yesterday i collasped at work, i have been getting worse tummy pains since coming off my steriods 3 weeks ago and symptoms coming back but i felt so ill yesterday however made the silly idea to go into work, i was sitting at the desk...
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    Do you have a name

    Hi everyone this is kind of a funny/ lighthearted thread just wondered if anyone has a name for their pain, I call mine freddy lol