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    What if something else is wrong...

    I'm afraid because .. i'm even counting calories and Def. Getting enough to maintain or even gain weight.. I've added Ensure to my diet. I've already had 2 today. Plan on drinking 3+ a day to get 1000 extra calories. I still don't seem to be gaining.. i feel like im even losing. I'm already...
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    What do you do when narcotics got you feelin crazy, and just lonely.

    what do you do when narcotics got you feelin crazy, and just lonely. So I am on Fentanyl 25mcg and overall the pain is a lot better. My doctor upped me bacause she feels i am WAY to thin and I need to kill the pain. I agree 100%. The pain definitly helps me eat better. Thing is.. I already...
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    Check this out.. Strictures... Inflimation or ALL SCAR tissue.

    This Test took 3 hours because of my fentanyl Sluggishness. I still FEEL that it needs to be redone just because of the fact its SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE to digest FIBERCON Suppliments, Steak, veggies WHATEVER. It could also just be REAL bad inflimation. I WILL demand a new test but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...
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    Can you get an abscess in a butt cheek?

    It's weird because its located "In" the left buttcheek where like to bone would be. Its not a "boil" yet. Its just kind of a "bump" or swollen and bothers me to sit at times. I mean how would that happen? Who even knows if it is.. It always gets worse when Im on Narcotics for pain. I think it...
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    Methotrexate when Nothing else has worked! tricky question

    So im Real thin, All TNF's Seem to fail. Doctors feel Surgery is next in line but PCP thinks its not reasonable because im not obstructing but using the bathroom a lot. She feels surgery isn't the best option. I've tried every other med. Has anyone else been in the situation where you FELT...
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    Methotrexate - Remicade and TNF's - and TYSABRI (highest risk?)

    Ive been on all the above except MTX and Tysabri. I Refuse to try TYSABRI. Every drug has side effects. And yes, this is probably a question for my pharmacist or doctor based on data.. But most of our doctors dont have Crohn's. (Most!) I think I will be starting MTX soon. Thanks! I care about...
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    Take your Vitamin D

  8. K

    Anyone ever have a BAD lower back strain?

    anyone ever have a BAD lower back strain? I still have this real bad lower back strain.. im walking with a walker still and its so hard to get out of my recliner.
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    I dont get it. I need advice.

    I just Can't stand getting up and using the bathroom 6+ times a day. The problem is my back is so bad right now Its horrible to even get up. And im Eating BARELY Anything because of the fact i dont want to keep having to get to the bathroom especially because i am so slow right now with this...
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    Pain in the left buttcheek

    I am using a 12mcg/hr Fentanyl patch for the pain and It does make me very constipated as usual. When it Sit down, or occasionally strain on the toilet... I feel a big move of "gas" or Fluid" in my left buttcheek. Also, it feels swollen or sore in that area and the gas moves when i sit down. Can...
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    Really need some help.

    i posted a thread earlier in the week about not making it to the bathroom because of the anxiety of "am I going to make it" I HAVE NEVER had a problem before. The fact that my back is real sore and hurt... Im recovering but im walking with a walker... The walker BARELY glides across the...
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    Please read.

    This is the First time this has happened where it was bad. My stools have been pretty normal for me atleast for a good month now.. I feel I am flaring a bit but even with real bad diarrhea... I have been able to hold it in no matter what. I am suffering from a sprained lower back which is...
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    OT: Back pain

    Anyone who can help me rationalize this.. that be gr8. I pulled my back real bad a few weeks ago. lifting somethin. Have in mind im only 115 pounds and near 6 feet tall.. :-( Dont think i have much muscle there. Anyways, today all i did was take a bath and the pain was horrible after... I...
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    Off Topic But new Site I created.

    Well I created this site Called: WWW.CommYOUnicating.COM Pretty much like a Youtube but also a social network like Facebook etc... Its 100% free for Advertising, Social networking and Pretty much everything. So theres no Soliciting involved.. lol.. I plan on Uploading a lot of my remicade...
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    Urinating and remicade

    urinating and remicade is it just me, or do i find myself urinating on the hour after remicade throughout the week.
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    Tails or shooting stars

    This is kind of weird but I felt the need to ask. My vision is flawless as far as seeing close or far or even very very small lettering etc.. etc.. No glasses or contacts. not sure if this is anemia, or related to crohn's but i tend to see Little "Shooting Stars" Or "fast moving Tails" On the...
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    Remicade DOSE increase and Interval change

    Has anyone ever needed their dose increased because there wasnt enough drug in their body or it didnt last the full 8 weeks. i only get like 4 weeks out of mine. My question is. Will the drug be STRONGER with more in me? Can my Body tolerate more then what its getting.. I had a severe allergic...
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    Im an Author. :D

    Hey all Please forgive me for this post as it seems like solicitation. I just had my first book published and released. The Story is pretty much on my 9 year struggle and remission free crohn's disease. As a regular member here i am just letting you all know my accomplishment...
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    Fentanyl WD Really need help

    fentanyl WD Really need help I made a huge accomplishment for myself by getting off the narcotics. Using 37.5mcg Fentanyl and Norco 10/325's... I finally came off COLD turkey after 3-4 months on the stuff.. It's been about 2 weeks now And I am Getting Very Little sleep, The anxiety is still...
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    Can somone help me with hemoglobin

    For the past 4 weeks now, My hemoglobin as been pretty stable at about 9.0. Been happy. Today it was 8.8 but maybe because i had a lot of water before the test. Dilute? anyways, its no big drop. I was curious, I think my Ferritan levels are normal now... But my RBC may be a little off.. What...