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    Guys I need advice on what to do :(

    I am currently taking humira and I was taking zofran for nausea and vomiting but it no longer works. I do plan on going on and heading to the ER because it's getting worse. I've had recent tests and last time they said I was extremely inflamed and I had to stay for 6 days in the hospital back in...
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    Guys I need advice on what to do :(

    I can't eat or drink anything without puking and this has been going on for weeks and I'm not sure what to do. I have crohn's disease and I've lost alot of weight in a short amount of time. I was on a liquid diet until my stomach heals but I keep throwing up the liquids as well. I was taking...
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    Do you think garlic/onion powder in moderation is okay?

    One of the hardest foods to give up after being diagnosed with crohn's disease is garlic and onion because I make alot of dishes with those key ingredients.They cause me to flare up badly so I stay away from fresh garlic and onion. My question is though do you think that garlic/onion powder is...
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    Do you take any veggie/fruit supplements?

    If so which brand do you use? Just curious because I'm thinking about talking to my doctor about taking those because I feel like I don't get enough nutrients having this disease and having to eat a low fiber diet you know.
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    What do you eat during a flare up?

    During my flare ups I feel extreme nausea, body aches, and diarrhea to the point where I can't really eat. But when I force myself I'll usually have watermelon, peach fruit cup in 100% juice, or a banana with a few saltine crackers for breakfast, mashed potatoes for dinner or rice for dinner...
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    I feel like heartbreak has physically caused a crohn's flare up

    Is this possible? A few days after experiencing this I started feeling physically weak and having flare up symptoms. My mind and body is heavy. 🥺😢 I lost the love of my life and now I'm having awful flare ups.
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    Does anyone else here use an air fryer when making certain foods?

    When I was given my diagnosis of crohn's disease my doctor told me I can't have anything acidic, fried, or anything with dairy. But the air fryer was a life saver for me for those days when I crave fried foods. I like that you use very little oil or sometimes none depending on what you make.