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  1. stephensgirl

    Early diagnosis!

    What are some symptoms that would mean you should have a doctor test for Crohn's or another IBD? Also how young can a person be diagnosed? My 1 yr old great nephew is suffering from similar symptoms to my boyfriend who has Crohn's so I wondered if maybe we should be getting him tested for an...
  2. stephensgirl

    Drug Side Effects Male Advice Please

    Hi there I was wondering if Crohn's medication can lower sperm count? Stephen and I would like to get pregnant but he seems to have extremely low sperm count and I wondered if it might be from the meds. Please let me know any thoughts you might have on this.:eek2:
  3. stephensgirl


    Hi I am new to the forum. I myself do not have any form of IBD but my boyfriend does. I am an almost 38 yr old mother of 2. I love my man with all my heart but he is not an especially verbal guy about anything. I have done some talking to him about his Crohn's and have done online research but...