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  1. StanlyCooper

    Will my hair grown back?

    yes, Carabop is right
  2. StanlyCooper


    the effect is good, the taste is terrible) every time I think about how not to return everything that was drunk back:poop:
  3. StanlyCooper

    Will my hair grown back?

    If I were you, I would have turned to a trichologist or at least to a therapist. try oil warming masks in order to disperse the blood in the scalp and thus speed up the growth of new hairs. Look for a set of hair shampoos and conditioners. They will be able to restore and prevent hair...
  4. StanlyCooper

    Vitamins and mineral supplements

    sounds good in theory, but not possible. all the same, we must try to get vitamins and minerals with nutrition. then it is best to find out in which deficient zone you live (for example, those who do not feed on sea fish every day, like the Japanese, usually have iodine deficiency) there are...
  5. StanlyCooper

    Vitamin C supplements that don't cause diarrhea?

    really good advice to take vitamin C from rosehip tea. It is very rich in vitamin C (but it is important to drink immediately and avoid contact of the drink with oxygen, so it is better to brew in a thermos) you can try powdered forms or liquid forms of vitamin C from the store, it is believed...
  6. StanlyCooper

    Vitamin D and vivid dreams

    Many sources and specialists say that vit D3 better take in the morning (this hormone has impact on sleep, can cause bad sleep) maybe in your case, your effect was bright dreams what does level have you now?
  7. StanlyCooper

    Milk Thistle Extract Experiences

    It's a good natural helper for your liver, and this is expected that you felt better with it