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  1. Josephine


    Over the weekend, my stomach had got bigger to point I can not do even do size 12 pair jeans up. I have measure my stomach and in 90 inches and soft to touch. No constipation. Not sure what to do about it?
  2. Josephine


    Thank you Jennifer for your support and everyone in this community. Just had phone call from IBD nurse. My consultant is on holiday and won't be back until Friday. What she said was "To keep on with diet, see what MRI shown out tomorrow and if pain get worse on both side of large bowel last...
  3. Josephine


    Why is that my partner who has not got Crohns disease, who has life with pain, mental health issues or any thing that go with. He think understand but lack understanding and knowledge is hard for me to get through to me. Thinking he has right to shout and complain about went he able work and do...
  4. Josephine

    British members. PIP

    I think of apply PIP payment which replace of Disability Allowance. Is anyone apply for it and manage to actual receive it? Has any hints and tips.
  5. Josephine

    Azathioprine and Prednisolone.

    I have being taking Azathioprine for 10 weeks and 3 days also started with 40 mg Prednisolone on understand by now I would not taking steroids. Due to having same issues and admit hospital before Christmas, I am still on 20 mg Prednisolone. Now all my blood tests show at the Azathioprine is...
  6. Josephine


    I have being taking 100mg Azathioprine, started with 40mg prednisone also still taking 3x3 a day of Balsalazide 750mg. I was in hospital for four days just Christmas. I am current still on 20mg prednisone and still issues. I am waiting results stool sample and water test. It be test for...
  7. Josephine

    Hospital Food in the Britian?

    Today will be my first time admit to hospital only for 3 days (crossed everything), can anyone tell how good NHS is about diet requirements?
  8. Josephine


    Well up few days go, I fought was way remission but two days started to get pain and changed stool habits. Now on 20mg steroids but phone nurse and be admit on Friday afternoon for 3 days. IV steroids this will be first on hospital stay with Crohns.
  9. Josephine


    I am on aza for two weeks +1 days also started with 40 mg Pred again. Last week, I drop to 35 mg of pred and suffer rectal pain and bleeding for all 7 days. Stools were formed good but notice last loose so up back up to 40 mg. When I was 35 mg for a week, I had rectal pain and bleeding. I have...
  10. Josephine

    Rectal Pain and bleeding.

    This second day for reasonable form stool will 1 out 4 roughish. The problem is I am trying eat better well input of food also fluids water mainly and uses movicial for constipated which I suffer from. I have pain went passing a stool and bleeding, the nurse is on back at hospital until Monday...
  11. Josephine


    I have only 100 mg aza for week and now 35 mg pred, I had rectal bleeding today but I have being extreme tired for last few days. Question is: if I take the medication aza on night and split steroids to am-pm. Instead of be wide wake at 9pm, what the probability of my sleep by mid night if I...
  12. Josephine


    Yes today is first of medication called Azathioprine 100 mg a day, and also taking 3 month course of steroids. Monthly blood tests for while, flu and other jab need. Hopeful I have adverse affects from new medication. Just waiting on call back from Nurse because ask do I still take Balsalazide.
  13. Josephine

    How effective are Mesalamine enemas? Any experience appreciated.

    I have being precrible the emzema at night 4mg, due having quite on rectal bleeding. I am waiting on ultrasound next week then 14th appt with IBD Nurse
  14. Josephine

    Is this normal? Rectal Foam

    The discharge as subside but early on this evening after uses. I went to toilet and starting bleed bright red, haemorrhoids have being trouble past but 12th Sept were not present went had Sigmoid Flexible test. But other thing in was mixed with mucus. Has anyone else had this while used...
  15. Josephine

    Weird reaction to foam.

    Hi, I have used lovely prednisone foam for last week, last day or so. I have notice that every time I used it. I have pressure in my middle section, then get slightly discharge of like dirty reddish/ light pink colour. Any thoughts or suggest?
  16. Josephine

    Update on the bile problem.

    Went to GP this morning for painkillers of the large bowel was told to contact IBD Nurse so I did and wait call back. Well there I told him aboutpain on right side and orange/yellow bile, was told that might a gall bladder problem which sound great and was gave busacpan to 2 tablets three day...
  17. Josephine

    :P***ed off.

    Why is that I can starting vomit food and orange bile and go toilet same time? Really get tired of this trick at moment, not only just found out my darling as spread in large bowel from sigmoid colon to splenic bit. Starting feeling similar pain of right side. Want remission but going get GP...
  18. Josephine


    I had Flexiable Sigmiod test yesterday, I just wondered if anyone had Erythema Sigmiod to Splenic. If so how did cope the pain or dull down to manageable rate?
  19. Josephine

    Findings of Flexible Sigmoidscopy.

    Please help me understand them. FINDINGS: Multiple areas of mucosal inflammation noted from the sigmoid colon to splenic flexure with erythema and indistinct vessel pattern. Thank you.
  20. Josephine

    Advice/ experiences.

    Just had chat with IBD nurse and was told that DR.Joy. Has request me to have ultrasound of ado and colonoscope but with eneama. I am looking some advice and experiences please.