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  1. Cross-stitch gal

    Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency(EPI)

    Hi. I was wondering how many on here might happen to have this on here and if there is much difference to IBD? I'm contacting my GI to find a little more about it and thinking about seeing if he might be able to check me for it. Any info would be appreciated! Thank you, Cross-stitch
  2. Cross-stitch gal

    Preventive Care

    I'm starting a new job in which Preventive Care prescriptions are fully covered. Right now I'm using Mesalamine DR 1.2 for my UC. Have any of you been able to get your IBD medications as Preventive Care? I know that they are seen as maintenance, but don't see this under the list. What do you...
  3. Cross-stitch gal

    Generic Canasa Suppository

    Just wanted to let you guys know, I stumbled on some info saying that they're coming out with a generic version of Canasa. Looks like it started in December. So, if you happen to use it like me this might be some exciting info for you! Here's the link in case you'd like to check it out...
  4. Cross-stitch gal

    Tooth Sensitivity

    I've been dealing with a bit of flare and have noticed that when I bite down on either side of my mouth while eating I'm in pain. Normally I don't have this sensation. But, was wondering if any of you deal with this too? Was just reading and sounds like this might just be a part of my flare...
  5. Cross-stitch gal


    Today I had an accident first time in a long time at work and nearly a couple more. What's worse is that it happened in front of a manager/assistant director of mine. Can't remember if this manager knows about my IBD or not, but if not he'll need to know soon. Partly because I'm afraid he...
  6. Cross-stitch gal


    I guess I shouldn't whine. I had my yearly eye appointment yesterday and was told that I'm to be wearing glasses permanently now. I do have reading glasses that I started wearing at 18. And, knew regulars were coming. Eventually bifocals are coming, but they're hoping to prolong them by...
  7. Cross-stitch gal

    Hemp Milk

    I was wondering if anyone has used Hemp Milk? I've read that this is better in lattes, cooking and sometimes is easier for us. Right now I mostly use either almond or coconut milk. (Majority of the time it's almond milk in everything here at home.) But, am interested in trying Hemp. Any...
  8. Cross-stitch gal

    Good message for us all...

    I know this is probably something that was posted before awhile ago. But, it bears repeating. I know it's pretty long, but I know it describes me well and am hoping you guys too. Lots of hugs. https://thoughtcatalog.com/kim-quindlen/2015/04/crohns-disease-relationships
  9. Cross-stitch gal

    Foot pain

    For awhile now the top of my left foot has been giving me pain. At first it was just at night and increased to daytime too. I mentioned it to my doctor 3 weeks ago when I had my appointment for work. She had me ice it and keep it wrapped all the time otherwise in hopes it'd get better...
  10. Cross-stitch gal

    High LDL Levels

    Well... My husband and I had our yearly physicals this last wednesday and our blood tests came back with high LDL levels. I'm at a loss because I'm needing to decrease my cholesterol and carbs but at the same time, just obtained a healthy weight and really don't want to lose any. While, my...
  11. Cross-stitch gal

    Colonoscopy Prep

    I just began doing my liquid diet in prep for tomorrow's colonoscopy. However, the chicken broth I took in is giving me nausea. I ate everything in my bowl, but does anyone have any tips to make it through the liquid diet today? I don't want to get nausea every time I try to down something...
  12. Cross-stitch gal

    Colds & Ear Infections

    I was wondering if any of you have had ear infections with this cold virus going around. I had an ear infection before the first cold I had and now that I'm better from the 2nd cold, now I've got an infection again worse than the first time I had one. I think this one is the worst I've had...
  13. Cross-stitch gal

    Colds & Colonoscopies

    I'm the lucky one to have just picked up that Cold virus going around work and everywhere today. Have any of you done your Colonoscopy when you've had a Cold? I really don't want to cancel if I don't have to. Thanks! :hug:
  14. Cross-stitch gal


    This is my first time using the Suprep for a colonoscopy. I have always done the milalax type in the past and the last time I did, I started throwing up during the last part of my prep. For those of you who have used suprep, did you do better with it? I do know that I've also been given some...
  15. Cross-stitch gal


    Hi. I know that there are a few of you on the FODMAP diet. Have any of you tried this stuff? If so, did you like it and what flavor did you like? I'm thinking of trying it and have a coupon through work. But, would like a little info before spending the money. Thank you :)
  16. Cross-stitch gal

    Medication in the U.S.

    Hi. Here is something I found about medication costs in the states and why they're so high. I know that some of this many of us already know, but thought it might be pretty interesting for those who don't. I wish it wasn't this way, but also know that medication is a big part of my life and...
  17. Cross-stitch gal

    Surgeries and Hospital stays

    Hey guys. I know that I'm not a mom. But, this is someone very close to me. I don't think she has IBD. But, just thought you guys might be interested on what I've been keeping track of and praying for lately. Some close friends of mine had a little one in November 2012. She spent her first...
  18. Cross-stitch gal

    Coconut Milk

    I've done better drinking almond milk rather than regular cow's milk. So, decided to try coconut milk, however all that was available was unsweetened. But, the stuff is totally tasteless and I ended up with 6 quart size boxes of it. Anyone know how to sweeten it? I've tried putting cocoa in...
  19. Cross-stitch gal

    Coughing with Lactose

    For some reason I seem to always cough when I either drink milk or eat yogurt. Does anyone else do this? It does help taking supplements when eating or drinking. But, I still cough no matter what. I just want to make sure I'm not alone... :ybatty:
  20. Cross-stitch gal

    Best Doctors

    My work has this website called: Best Doctors which supposedly they can answer questions, help you with treatment options, collaborate with your doctors, etc. I understand it's a free site to us employees. I think it maybe required to use it before procedures such as colonoscopies (which I'll...