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  1. magy35

    So we have no running water at work

    No toilet. No way to wash hands after I see a patient who has a virus. This is a recipe for me to get sick. On Remicade and mercaptapurine. Sometimes I feel like the wind blows and I get sick. Send me good vibes that I make it through the day without catching a virus or having a bathroom...
  2. magy35

    Dating and crohn's. Ah!

    So, I just had a guy end things because "I am not affectionate when I am sick." (Ahh!). I know the platitudes, "You can do better." "What a jerk!" The truth is that I feel damaged. I think I am a fun, cute and smart gal; however, with crohn's I feel like the plague. Background: I was...
  3. magy35

    In hospital. Need support/advice

    hi all, I am fairly new member and only posted once before. I am 35 yo and was diagnosed over 10 years ago. I have had flares in the past that go away with prednisone and then my asacol three times a day held me well for this whole time. I had been able to hold down a job as a mental health...
  4. magy35

    Weight loss and shopping and sadness

    Hi, my name is Maggie. I am 35 year old single gal and was diagnosed with Crohn's disease ten years ago. I just joined this forum and this is my first ever post. I am having such trouble lately and did not know where else to turn for support. I am hoping someone out there can relate to what I...