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  1. Crohn'sFor Life

    Cymed pouch users?

    Cymed has recently changed their pouch closure without any warning. I was surprised to see the new closures. I thought my medical supplier sent me the wrong product. Has anyone experienced problems with the new closure? No matter how I fold the closure, it always seems to be wet when I open it...
  2. Crohn'sFor Life

    Stoma plex equalizer

    Has anyone tried this? It is supposed to help establish a better deal around your stoma. Mahalo! Gregg
  3. Crohn'sFor Life

    Ostomy cup

    Has anyone tried an ostomy cup? http://cspouchcovers.com/stoma-cup-p-90.html
  4. Crohn'sFor Life

    Stains on pouch

    Has anyone noticed that certain foods can stain your pouch? My pouch turns a dark orange when I eat spaghetti with tomato sauce. Enough raw tomatoes will do the same. I use Cymed on-piece pouches.
  5. Crohn'sFor Life

    Cymed pouches

    I have yet to find an adhesive remover that works well on Cymed pouches. I love my pouch...but it is so hard when it comes time to change it. Anyone else have problems removing their Cymed pouch?
  6. Crohn'sFor Life

    Adhesive remover

    What type of adhesive remover do you guys use? I have been having a hard time removing my Cymed one-piece.
  7. Crohn'sFor Life

    Ostomy deodorant

    What kinds of deodorant do you guys use in your pouch? I have an ileostomy...
  8. Crohn'sFor Life

    Short Bowel Syndrome

    I realize that Short Bowel Syndrome occurs when one does not have enough small intestine. But if one does not have a colon, what nutrients, vitamins and minerals am I missing out on? I currently take the following supplements: vitamin D3, calcium, vitamin e, B complex, folic acid (to mitigate...
  9. Crohn'sFor Life

    Ostomy guard

    Has anyone tried Ostomy Armor or Freedom Guard? Did it work for you?
  10. Crohn'sFor Life


    Everyone says that marshmallows can help to slow the output from your ileostomy. What type of marshmallow are you guys using? Is it the regular one made from sugar and gelatin? Or is it something made from marshmallow plant extracts?
  11. Crohn'sFor Life


    It has been 2 years since getting my ileostomy. I am finally almost feeling like my old pre-sick self. Is there anyone here that runs with an ileostomy? I feel the need to do more than lift weights but am unsure if it is a good idea for me to start running. Any thoughts?
  12. Crohn'sFor Life

    Tuck in shirt?

    I've had an ileostomy since the ending of 2011. I still am unable to tuck in my shirt. I worry about my bag filling up while squashed under my pants and shirt. What do you ileostomites do? Sometimes I feel so sloppy when my shirt is untucked. Mahalo!
  13. Crohn'sFor Life

    Abdominal exercise

    What are the best stomach exercises for someone with an ileostomy?
  14. Crohn'sFor Life

    Can beano prevent overnight gas build-up?

    Has anyone tried using Beano to prevent the dreaded overnight gas build-up? I have an ileostomy and hate having to wake up at 3am to empty or burp my bag. Mahalo
  15. Crohn'sFor Life

    Fast - 5 diet

    Has anyone tried the Fast - 5 diet? It consists of a 19 hour fast and a 5 hour window to eat. You can eat anything you want in that 5 hour window. During the fast, you can drink anything that has no calories.
  16. Crohn'sFor Life

    Karaya washers

    Has anyone had any success using karaya washers? I've tried a few collyseel samples...but haven't had much success. Mahalo
  17. Crohn'sFor Life

    Barrier wipes/spray

    What kind of barrier wipe/spray do you guys use? What do you like/dislike about them? I currently use the Reliamed barrier wipe...I'm thinking of using something thicker...maybe latex based...any thoughts? Mahalo
  18. Crohn'sFor Life

    SLAP tears in shoulders

    A recent MRI showed SLAP tears in my right shoulder. I have the same pain in my left shoulder too. I am not an athlete, and have not fallen recently. Do you think the tears could be drug induced? I was on a high dose of Prednisone for 3 years...it gave me cataracts, osteopenia and nearly gave me...
  19. Crohn'sFor Life

    Its gotta come out!

    Well after a quick trip to the ER via the ambulance, two incidences of nearly bleeding to death in the ICU, two angiograms and a colonoscopy, I got myself a total colectomy.A brand spanking new stoma and am now lacking a colon.
  20. Crohn'sFor Life

    Bleeding without any diarrhea

    Do many of you have bleeding without diarrhea?