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  1. mrjohns2

    Out of flare and in remission... Because of a colonoscopy?

    Has anyone gone into bowel prep in a flare and into remission following a colonoscoscpy? I feel like that happened to me. For 6 months ending on Super Bowel, eh, Bowl Sunday and my colonoscoscpy on Super Bowel Monday, I was in flare. From then on I am in remission. Has anyone used prep to get...
  2. mrjohns2

    Forehead breaking out with acne...

    I usually just have a tiny bit of acne, now my whole forehead seems to be breaking out. This seems to have timed up with starting Humira. Does anyone else have this issue?
  3. mrjohns2

    Back on Humira after 4 years of Stelara

    Just did my starter 4 doses. 3 of the 4 had very little pain. 1 hurt, bit since I had the siringes I could just go very slowly and not push so hard. What other meds are people on with Humira? Methotrexate? Imuran? Matt
  4. mrjohns2

    Hand, Foot, and Mouth

    My daughters caught hand, foot, and mouth virus. I had a cold for about a week. Then, I got hand, foot, and mouth! It is very irritating, I have about 30+ blisters on my hands and a few in my mouth, and a sore throat. In looking into hand, foot, and mouth, the target age is <5 years old or...
  5. mrjohns2

    Great Study of the 4 Types of Small Bowel Imaging

    When my GI ordered a small bowel follow through after I had CT Enterography the year prior, I wanted to know which was better? This is a great study that shows the pros and cons of small bowel follow through, pill cam, colonoscopy, CT Enterography, and talks a bit about MRE. Good reading...
  6. mrjohns2

    Mayo Findings on Split-dose bowel prep

    Nice article on split-dose bowel prep from Mayo. I did it for my last and it worked well for me. The only bad thing was I had to wake up at 4:30 or 5am on the day of the prep...
  7. mrjohns2

    Triamcinolone for Fissure

    My GI put me on nitroglycerin ointment for the fissures. Within 60 seconds, I had a headache. Reading up on nitro, it says that it is supposed to act like a "chemical surgery" by relaxing the sphincter. Sounds good, but the headaches are killer. So, I did a sergical consult and the surgeon...
  8. mrjohns2

    Starting and stopping Humira

    I was originally on Humira for psoriasis. Now, my GI is thinking about putting me back on. Someone has mentioned hearing that it is not good to start and stop and start due to antibody build up. Does anyone have any more data on this?
  9. mrjohns2

    Lisinopril - Intestinal swelling

    One of the side effects of lisinopril (for high blood pressure) is intestinal swelling. Does that mean I should work with my dr. to move to something else? The intestinal swelling is listed as a warning and not just the giant list at the end of the list of side effects. I did a search for...
  10. mrjohns2

    Two biologicals at once??

    I have been on Stelara for 4 years for my psoriasis. My GI is looking at putting me on Humira. I am a bit concerned about taking 2 biologicals at once. Has anyone taken Humira and Remicade at once? Since Stelara works on interleukin 12 and interleukin 23 and not TNF, they are not the...
  11. mrjohns2

    Any recommendations on a sitz bath brand?

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a sitz bath brand or model? I would like to get one, but want a nice one. Has anyone put in a bidet? We are finishing our basement and I have thought, should I go all out? I have never seen or used a bidet, but it seems like it would be great on the...
  12. mrjohns2

    Treatments and Strategies for Fissures

    I have a few anal fissures that really bother me. My Crohn's was determined to not be active, but these really cause my most pain and discomfort. Does anyone have any strategies for relief? I have had some luck with normal Preparation H and Preparation suppositories. Some things say to...