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  1. Honey

    Crohn's related arthritis.

    I have been diagnosed now with Crohn's related arthritis! It began with shoulder pain,just thought I had pulled muscles? Walking impaired and weak! Any advice would be helpful? Thank you.
  2. Honey

    HELP! Suffering withdrawal symptoms coming off Steroids

    Hi there, any good advice for dealing with weakness, tiredness and pain after coming off Steroids. I having been on Prednisolone on and off for four years, first for Crohn's , then muscle weakness. I reacted badly to other meds and treatment for Crohn's. This year after tapering down, I had to...
  3. Honey

    Crying and lost: HUMIRA injections, or Remicade infusions?

    Hi there, feeling really upset. Asked to go back on Remicade infusions as Crohns is active again, after 2 and half years remission. Said no to Humira injections as my hair came out and I felt miserable, probably giving myself injections contributed to that! I ended up in hospital for three...
  4. Honey

    Can't stop crying,have been there before!

    Hi there, I have been in remission from the symptoms of Crohn's for over 2 years. However, I was on Remicade infusions before I ended up in hospital for three weeks with a lung infection which was difficult to clear! I have been on Prednisolone since for another problem with my muscles...
  5. Honey

    Calprotectin test results, sky high!! Need Support.

    My last two Calprotectin tests were sky high : went from 1200 to 900! I am currently having tests to see what is going on with me. I had a C.T. scan and then a Gastroscope last week. I was on Remicade infusions two years ago until I ended up in hospital with a lung infection, so ill. I...
  6. Honey

    What do you do if afraid of Remicade ?

    Hi there, It was after suffering side effects of other Meds for Crohns ,that I eventually agreed to infusions. I was on them for about 8 months and was well until I ended up in hospital with a lung infection and had to come off Remicade. I have remained well for a year and a half! Now...
  7. Honey

    How long does 'Crohn's' remain quiescent?

    Hi there, Having been hospitalized for three weeks with a lung infection, due to side effects of Remicade treatment, I had an anxious time deciding whether or not to continue treatment. I eventually decided I could not suffer that again and said 'No ' to Remicade infusions. My options used...
  8. Honey

    Does removal of ileum always mean living with a stoma?

    HI There, I have a decision to make, I responded well to Remicade infusions for Crohns last year, All other meds failed, or I had bad side effects. However , I was in hospital for 3 weeks before Christmas with a lung infection due to this treatment so I am now very reluctant to go back...
  9. Honey

    Sad. In hospital!!!!

    Hi there. I am in hospital needing some support!..I am on oxygen and antibiotics as I have a lung infection. It is hard getting needles stuck in you continually. I already have 8.weekly Remicade infusions. I am told they left me vulnerable to this infection. Anyone else experienced this...
  10. Honey

    Remicade infusions: Extreme tiredness ,and nausea?

    Hi there, I have contributed a lot of advice to others, now I am looking for some help. I have been having Remicade infusions every 8 weeks and after 6 infusions, my inflammatory levels are back to normal. I am eating well, no pain. I am told I will continue on these for life, possibly! I...
  11. Honey

    Hi there, new member; re Infliximab.

    Hi there, I was diagnosed with Crohns disease 2 years ago after many years of pain. Since then the usual medicines have been tried but I had a severe reaction to them, and had to come off meds! I recently have begun Infliximab infusions : delighted , good news, it has worked!!! However, I am...