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  1. BrennieJoyce

    Urinary Tract Infections

    I was wondering if anyone else has frequent UTI's while on Crohn's medications. My doctors seem to be perplexed by my frequent UTI's, and I just keep taking antibiotics to treat them. I've had a urethra scope (very painful) but they say nothing is wrong. It's very worrisome for me. I drink tons...
  2. BrennieJoyce

    Entocort and Blurred Vision

    I have been on Entocort (9 mg./day) for a week now and I developed blurred vision. I emailed my doctor and he told me to drop my dosage to 6 mg. a day and he is starting me on 50 mg. of Imuran. I also take Lialda. I was wondering if anyone else here got blurred vision while taking Entocort...
  3. BrennieJoyce

    Side Effects from Prednisone and Entocort--need advice!

    I was on Prednisone for a month, with bad side effects, so my doctor just put me on Entocort, on June 17. I've been on that for 3 days now, and I already am having some side effects. My eyes are red and my vision is blurry, and last night I had a red, flushed face which alarmed me...
  4. BrennieJoyce

    Finally Got An Official Diagnosis of Crohn's

    I finally got a diagnosis of Crohn's last month, but I know for a fact that I've had it for probably 20 years. I don't know why my doctors couldn't diagnose me correctly before. Either they were incompetent or they were trying to cut costs and not do the expensive tests to see what was wrong...