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  1. Zeppy321

    8 days post op bowel resection

    Hello everyone I had a small bowel resection and part of my colon removed eight days ago. I think I am healing pretty well my surgery was done laparoscopic and the incisions seem to be healing nicely , they were closed with surgical glue . I have a few questions though one is I have a rash all...
  2. Zeppy321

    Hi I'm new to Humira?having severe neck pain

    I started Humira 3 weeks ago . The first two weeks - loading doses I felt fine. Now I have a very stiff neck and shoulder and pain down my left arm .I'm also very tired and really nausous . I know everyones diffrent but has anyone had these side effects.Please share I don't know if this is...
  3. Zeppy321

    SED rate and CRP ?

    So I had blood work and scopes done a few days ago. My SED rate is 37 and my CRP is 10.0 and says high sensitivity thats what I got from the see your charts site - What does it mean ? That's what I really would like to know. No results from my scopes are showing up yet . This is a new GI I'm...
  4. Zeppy321

    Colonoscopy prep ? Help

    Hi , so I'm a little concerned about this prep . I took 2 Dulcolax at 4 and two hours later drank half the MiraLax Gatorade mixture as directed , It is now 9:20 and I still haven't had 1 bm . Is this normal ?
  5. Zeppy321

    Update and colonoscopy prep question

    Hello everyone I know I haven't posted in a while and I just want to let everyone know what's going on with me now. Well after I saw my new G.I. and he took me off the Imuran on and put me on Lialda I've had my ups and downs good and bad days. My referral finally went through to see the Yale New...
  6. Zeppy321

    I just want to cry and hide and then cry somemore !

    Hi everyone , i am back in the hospital again . I now have c diff. I'm in so much pain . I can't ever heal I just get sicker and sicker. I was just in the hospital for a flare on mothers day week in May.My new gi took me off aza 150mg and put me on pentasa. Pentasa was the first thing i was on...
  7. Zeppy321

    From aza to Lialda - A step in the wrong direction ?

    I saw a new GI doctor today and he put me on Lialda 1.2 mg x 3 delayed release tablets and wants to taper me off the 150mg aza I'm currently taking. I really don't know much about Lialda but from what I've read this seems like a step down from my current med. Also I read it's for UC . I have...
  8. Zeppy321

    Is there a Maytree on here ?

    Hello everyone before I found this forum I posted some questions on another forum for Crohn's but can't for the life of me remember what site I was on. :ybatty: Damn Crohn's brain ! Any who there was a lovely person who called themself Maytree that answered all my questions even though she was...
  9. Zeppy321

    I missed my GI appointment

    I thought my appt. was at 9am but it was at 7am so I didn't get to see my GI today. I am very upset with myself. I am in a flare right now and tapering off prednisone at 25mg as of now. I was in the hospital a month ago for this flare and this would have been the first time I would have seen my...
  10. Zeppy321

    Mistakenly ate corn - paying the price

    So I ate a chicken and cheese taco at a friends house last night . I did not notice till I was almost done there were little pieces of corn in it and now I'm balled up like a baby crying in pain that seems to come in waves like labor contractions - every few minutes. I'm thinking it's a partial...
  11. Zeppy321

    I've landed myself a spot at my local hospital - so know what ?

    I've landed myself a spot at my local hospital - so now what ? I tried to tough it out most of the day Tuesday , I had severe pain , heartburn , vomiting and a high fever which the pucking and fever are not normal for me when I'm flaring so my hubby made me go. I've had xrays , CT scans and...
  12. Zeppy321

    My knees are making noise

    Hello, I noticed 2 days ago my left knee was making the sound of something like crinkling paper and sounds like it has some fluid in it when I bend in or climb the stairs and now today my right knee is making the same sound! It's not terribly painful or anything - yet . I was just wodering if I...
  13. Zeppy321

    Leg Spasms

    So yesterday I had really bad leg spasms all through out the day not a cramp more like my legs would just shake uncontrollably and today my legs are so sore I can barely walk - like I did some really intense exercises - I didn't. Does anyone else get this ? I am on aza 100mg daily , iron...
  14. Zeppy321

    Raisins ???

    Who can eat them and how ? Plumped up in oatmeal or straight out of the box ? I know everyones different but I guess I'm just curious.
  15. Zeppy321

    Iron Infusion today - severe sore throat !

    Hi I had my first iron infusion today for anemia due to Crohn's and my throat is killing me right now. I took some tylenol and benadryl about an hour ago but it is not helping yet. Has anyone had an iron infusion with this side effect ? Could I be having an allergic reaction ? I don't want to...
  16. Zeppy321

    Scar tissue question

    I have a question about scar tissue. I asked my GI if I had scar tissue from my Crohn's and he said he didn't know! He said if my inflammation improves with maintenance medication then it is not scar tissue. Well I've been diagnosed for over 3 years now and have been on pentasa and remicade and...
  17. Zeppy321

    Poo question - sorry I don't have anyone else to ask

    So for the last 3 days when I have a bm it feels hard like it's going to be big and soild and I really have to push hard ( it hurts ) but as soon as I push it through it's straight D. Anyone else have a problem like this ? Also tonight I have a slight fever and am quite nauseous. Am I starting...
  18. Zeppy321

    St Patrick's Day

    Can I eat cabbage if I boil the heck out of it ?
  19. Zeppy321

    Flare when increasing aza dose ?

    Hi on the 6th of this month my GI increased my dose on aza from 50mg to 100mg daily. My stomach has been making some pretty angry noises :ymad: for the last few days . I also have a dull pain on my lower right side and get some pretty intense cramps after I eat - anything even applesauce and...
  20. Zeppy321

    Do I go to the ER for pain caused by inflammation

    I had a ct scan on Thursday requested by my primary care doc. He called today and said it looks like my partial obstruction is clearing up but said I have a lot of inflammation. I am having severe pain today that is unwavering. I don't know how long this is going to last or if I can make it till...