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  1. Sascot


    Hi all Sorry I haven’t been on for a while. Andrew has been good but I haven’t so been feeling rather sorry for myself and haven’t been on much. Andrew is doing really well. He is at university doing accounts and has just passed his driving test :eek2:. Still feeling well on his mercaptopurine...
  2. Sascot


    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around much. Been rather ill myself since October and unfortunately no answers or treatments. I think it may be toxic mold that started it all. Anyway, just learning to live life as is and get on with things. So Andrew is doing well. He has transferred to adult...
  3. Sascot

    Transfer to adult GI and possibly stopping meds?

    Hi everyone, sorry not been around much lately. Life got very busy for a while and we have just got back from our cruise. Andrew has started the transition to adult services :frown:, that will complete in October I believe. Will really miss the kids IBD team! He is still keeping well so the GI...
  4. Sascot

    Very Proud Mom!

    Just had to share with my lovely forum friends. Andrew was told by the headmaster today that he will be the school dux! :medal1: I may have shed a few very happy tears after all he has been through, I am so proud. For those of you who don't know what that is (my American cousins hadn't heard of...
  5. Sascot

    Some good news!

    Andrew's calprotectin came back at 30 :dance::mario2: At last some good news. Thought I would put it separately to celebrate!
  6. Sascot

    Struggling mentally

    Really finding it hard to be positive just now. I know Andrew is in remission just now but I just get that feeling (I'm sure you all know it) that something isn't quite right. Nothing concrete, just his tummy being more noisy and his passing gas - something he's never done before. Amy is hurting...
  7. Sascot


    Andrew had his check up this week. All is going well so next check in April. He is working hard at school as this is the most important year for exams but enjoys studying - strange child :). Amy saw the adult gynaecologist who was wonderful. She took it seriously and agreed she shouldn't live...
  8. Sascot

    IBD clinic tomorrow - ready to fight

    Amy's appointment day has finally arrived and I am trying to psych myself up. Poor girl has been really suffering with bad stomach pains. She is living every day with a pain level around 5 going up to around 8/9 on bad days. :( I know it's going to be a fight since her scopes were inconclusive...
  9. Sascot

    Biopsies clear

    Well "good" news - my daughters scopes were fine apart from one little ulcer in her stomach. Yes I am happy it isn't Crohns but she is still in a lot of pain and we don't know why. She is starting omeprazole to try for 2 months but I suspect it won't do much. I suppose we will be stuck with an...
  10. Sascot

    Scopes done for non-IBD daughter

    Well we finally got the endoscopy and colonoscopy done yesterday. We did the prep in the new kids hospital which was a lovely building. She even got her own room and toilet which was a relief! What a horrible time she had with the prep :yfrown:. Poor thing was so upset, sore, crying and...
  11. Sascot


    Hi everyone, I am hoping for some advice. I have been on a number of strong antibiotics and developed a really upset stomach. I know at least one of the antibiotic can cause c.diff. How do you know the difference between normal diarrhoea and c.diff. I am terrified to pass anything onto Andrew...
  12. Sascot


    Thought I would post a short update. Andrew is still doing well, exams all done, just the wait for results now. The only blip for him is his nail resection which still hasn't healed properly and is needing redone :yfrown:. My daughter has been seen by the GI and due to her family history he is...
  13. Sascot

    Skin/circulation issues

    Hi all, just a quick question. Do you know if it's normal to have bad circulation on mercaptopurine or just in general? Andrew's hands and feet are always freezing and his hands tend to go purple in cold weather. It looks quite alarming. Also Andrew has two toes that are always purple at the...
  14. Sascot


    Can't believe it, Andrew is 16 today! We had his IBD clinic on Wednesday - all looking good. They started the procedure to transfer to adult services but it takes about a year, so no rush to be completely changed over anytime soon. Managed to get a cancellation appt for Amy yesterday. He did...
  15. Sascot

    Update and paediatric appt for non-IBD kid

    Andrew has had his 3 monthly blood results - all looking good. Had a few vitamins, etc checked and all are in range apart from vit D which is still 'insufficient'. He is also healing well from his nail resection, his chiropodist is happy too. :ybiggrin: Tomorrow I go see a private paediatrician...
  16. Sascot

    Healthy Snacks

    Just wondering if anyone has good ideas for healthy snacks? I mostly struggle with the after school ideas. We seem to resort to the usual junk food because it's easy and I have no imagination! Any help is appreciated
  17. Sascot

    Stressed about antibiotics

    Well, after months of fighting to not use antibiotics for Andrew's acne, he just had to go and get an infected toe :yfrown:. I tried desperately for 2 weeks to try treat it topically but had to give in and go to the GP. Poor boy is sore and there is some weird granuloma type tissue growing over...
  18. Sascot

    Update and Non-IBD kid

    Hi all, just thought I would update. Andrew is still doing well, blood tests all looking good and Mercaptopurine at therapeutic levels. He's doing exams just now - all going well too. Thanks to whoever it was who suggested the Cetaphil for his acne - still quite a few spots but no big cysts and...
  19. Sascot


    Quick question. Andrew's acne on his back and neck is really bad just now. There are some that look badly infected, so I really think he needs some sort of antibiotic to help for a while. Are there any he shouldn't take while on Mercaptopurine? And also are there any that are less likely to...
  20. Sascot

    Quick questions about calprotectin

    Something has been bugging me about the way they process the stool here. I seem to remember various posts about the joys of collecting stool and storing it, etc. some people were told to keep it in the fridge or had to make sure it was handed in a certain amount of time. I was chasing up my...