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  1. Pug Gamer

    Skin cancer from Azathioprine

    Hey everyone, so I was originally on entocort for my crohns. But it didn't stop the obstructions and so was put on 150mg daily of azathioprine for around 3 years now. I have been in remission ever since, I also have alot of other illnesses (don't we all!) And have found it hard knowing if some...
  2. Pug Gamer

    I had pizza after 18months!

    So like alot of us on here, i have lactose intolerance due to my crohns. I was hanging onto anything i could get away with, and mozzarella was the last thing that i had to stop. And its been so depressing, im such a fan of all things cheesy. And having the free from versions i just didnt like...
  3. Pug Gamer

    Wall of silence

    Hello everyone, i am on azathioprine and of course have my regular blood tests. My GI has said every 2-3 months now. I had one in january and one 2 weeks ago. The forms are either from my GP or the hospital ones from my GI and i fill in the section "copy to" with GP and thats been fine for 6...
  4. Pug Gamer

    Ulcer? C.Diff?

    Hi everyone, I have been in so much discomfort and felt so unwell the last week. Its hard to explain but it can be painful, but definitely not obstruction pain or anything like that. But i just feel so sore, my stomachs like a washing machine. Ive been mainly going to the toilet the once a day...
  5. Pug Gamer

    Bad flare/obstruction.. because of entocort stopping?

    Im currently sitting here trying to recover from a really bad flare/obstruction. Its the worst ive had for 1-2 years. 12hrs of constant vomiting, 16hrs of pain. Now im not sure if this is because of coming off of entocort 2 weeks ago, ive been on them since February. But i tapered and was down...
  6. Pug Gamer

    Good ol' BM's

    Sorry for such a lovely topic. But I am 3 weeks into azathioprine (100mg day) and I also take entocort steroids (for months now but hopefully only until aza kicks in completely) along with tramadol and other unrelated pills for other illnesses. But heres my question, I for the first time in...
  7. Pug Gamer

    Do I stick with pentasa?

    I have crohns with two strictures. I have been put on entocort which is a tapering dose until I start azathioprine on 30th march. And im on pentasa (sachets), vitamin D and calcium pills. Along with my meds for other illnesses (tramadol, bisoprolol etc). I found even the day I went on entocort...
  8. Pug Gamer

    Here to introduce myself

    Hey everyone, I have had Crohn's disease for 8 years now but until I got severe flare ups from strictures my doctors wouldn't send me for testing so I have only been diagnosed for nearly a year. I'm currently still waiting for treatment which should happen this Wednesday :emot-dance: It's been...