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    Low Platelet Count on Humira?

    Hi you guys, Any of you had blood work that showed low platelet count? According to that same blood work I am not anemic and I don’t have any deficiencies. I have been losing hair which is why I did the blood test. Any ideas? Stories?
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    BC pharmacare coverage for Humira

    Hi all, this post is more for those us living in British Columbia but I was recently sent a letter saying Bc pharmacare is switching over to biosimilars. So everyone who takes humira has to switch to an alternative injection. This makes me worried obviously. Has anyone already started the...
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    BC pharmacare switching to biosimilars

    Hi everyone, im hoping to reach out to some BC humira takers. Recently got a letter in the mail about pharmacare now requiring us to change to a covered medication. Anyone speak with their gastros yet about whether this is smart? kind of worried...
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    Not having it

    It’s been awhile since I posted on here but I’m feeling incredibly down.—-I don’t want to get into to much detail about it but many of you would understand the saying Crohns continues to give you all sorts of other complications. I’m so exhausted being sick like this all the time.
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    Slow functioning bladder. HELP

    I could use some advice. My father has long been diagnosed with Crohns and I think has now hit a major roadblock. He’s having more difficulties with urinating. (It’s gotten really bad over the last 6 years) A test showed that his spincter muscle and his bladder are slow. He’s been on and off...
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    Always afraid

    Don't want to seem like a Debby downer but I'm having a rough time. Emotionally, physically and mentally. My mother recently asked me a question, "when did I stop living?" My answer, I stopped when I was 15. My undiagnosed dark age. I was so happy when I got diagnosed--others would be...
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    Humira/ false allergy results

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone other there has information about whether humira affects allergy testing. I've been on humira for some time now but not to long ago I was referred to an allergy specialist just to ensure there are no pre-existing conditions as to why I continue to have back to...
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    Feelin' defeated

    I'm sure my feelings right now will pass but I just feel like giving up today. For about a month now I've had swollen lymph nodes which is something new to my medical history. I've had all the tests done and the only course of action is antibiotics. I get put on the antibiotics and the lump...
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    Burden on the health care system

    Since I was 14 I was in and out of doctors. Spent countless hours at specialists only for it to be a waste of time. No diagnosis--I became the sick girl who wanted answers but never got that. Fast forward nearly 7 years I got a diagnosis. I'm happy that doctors have been able to piece together...
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    Girl who cried help me!

    Pretty much at my whitsend this morning. I'm sick of waking up to new things wrong with me. I've become a doctor having to do examinations every morning because I wake up with some new issue. Not only dealing with the 'pleasantries' of Crohn's but I've also got infections hitting me left to...
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    Ugh--I hate what this is doing to me

    Whether it's because the Humira is giving me all sorts of infections or it's just my immunity I'm frustrated. I'm sick of doctors. I'm sick of being sick. The Humira is working for the Crohn's dramatically healed the sores over a single year but I'm dealing with all sorts of other issues now...
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    Body Odor help

    My dad has long battled a Crohn's--over 2 decades now and he's been on every medication. Recently my mother came up to me and asked me how we can approach the subject of body odor with him. He's always had bad BO which we contributed to his medications etc but it is very hard to talk to him...
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    Crohn's looks different for everyone

    Crohn's looks different for everyone but we all relate in our battle with an ongoing feud with the toilet. Sometimes I can't help but feel annoyed that my Crohn's is different then those I read about on the forum. It almost makes my Crohn's seem---fake. Yea my feud with the toilet is real Yes...
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    He can't turn his head!

    My dad has long battled Crohn's and it's been awhile since he's had problems with his neck muscles. Now he is unable to move his neck and the doctors have him on anti-spasmodic Meds. He's on a particular one as he has ulcers etc but this time it is not working. It's been 3 weeks now and he says...
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    Purpose beyond the Crohns

    Im not grieving much over having Crohn's anymore. Not to say there are days when I'm just so over it. Now I'm trying to find purpose beyond this life diagnosis. I have a job which is great but I don't see my body being able to keep up with the requirements of the job forever. I have a lot to...
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    Humira causing Asthma?

    So I've been on Humira for a year now and since then I've had multiple infections! I don't take the Humira when I'm sick and I follow instructions when to take it again after I'm well enough. I still get sick on and off it. I work in the schools as well so I'm exposed to everything there. Now...
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    Circle Of Crap

    Today I went to a lung specialist to just get reassurance that there is no underlining issue to why I keep getting infections of all sorts. I know the Crohn's Meds have lowered my immunity. Working in schools exposes me to all sorts of things. Basically at the end of the appointment he's just...
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    I've failed

    Today I was reminded how very different I am compared to young adults my age. While people my age are just finishing university I've held a job for nearly 3 years in fear of my unpredictable health. After graduating highschool I went straight to UNI to get education fast so that I have a cushion...
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    Struggling with watching--

    For as long as I can remember my family and I have watched my father battle Crohns. I've seen him hospitalized and hooked up to machines. I have photos detailing his scary weight loss. I've seen him cry over his inability to work and provide monetarily. The disease impacted every part of our...
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    Genetics & Crohns

    I'm not the only one in my family that is battling this disease. My father was diagnosed around the same age I was and has been fighting for nearly 30 yrs. I'm curious to know if you guys believe there is a genetic factor and who has family members fighting the disease as well.