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  1. crohnicaly stinky

    Psychological affects of IBD

    If you feel like your IBD is causing physcological changes, I do, this article will interest you. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/09/gut-feeling.aspx
  2. crohnicaly stinky

    I'm dumb

    I got pretty depressed late last winter and stopped taking my humira, skipped a colonopscopy. I just got tired of dealing with a chronic disease. I'm now starting to flare like I used to pre-diagnosis, I feel awful and I think I'm going to have to go on prednisone.
  3. crohnicaly stinky

    Feels like sun burn

    This Friday will make it three weeks. On my left arm I have several patches where it feels like a mild sunburn. It hurts to the touch, when clothes drag across it, when I get goose bumps or go out in the cold with no coat. The patches are just small areas 2"x 3" maybe. The pain varies in...
  4. crohnicaly stinky

    Back pain and needing antacid

    I have had a pain in my back, down from my shoulder blade and just top the left of my spine, if you were looking at my back to the left. It's been there about a month so I don't think it's a muscle. I also have suddenly been needing antacids a lot. I'm worried I might have an ulcer in my...
  5. crohnicaly stinky

    CCFA nutrition seminar

    I'm so early for this. Having a beer before I go in. I'll let you all know what I learn! Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk
  6. crohnicaly stinky

    My daughter

    Hello parents, I'm always worried about my girl. She gets tummy aches sometimes. she is very gassy a lot of the time, gets D every so often. Could all be normal stuff. She also gets hiccups a lot. She seems to have low energy also compared to her brother who is skinny as a rail no matter...
  7. crohnicaly stinky


    My memory is so bad, like some of my kindred spirits here. It strikes me as funny that I often forget how to spell "crohns" specifically where to put the h, anyone else? LOL
  8. crohnicaly stinky

    Belly fat

    belly fat Ok I have been on this for about three months now. I went to my GI for a normal checkuo and they wieghed me. I was 200 pounds. I have been 190 before but never 200. The odd thing is on my belt, I am at the skinniest notch and the four nothces heading to the fatter side have all...
  9. crohnicaly stinky

    Anyone heard of this guy? histolic gatro-enterology

    Here is a website for histolic gatro-enterology http://holisticgastroenterology.com/ I found it searching for links between pollen and chron's because for me it's always been linked. Anyway, I am not endorsing this site, it just looks interesting and there is a lot to digest (pardon the pun)...
  10. crohnicaly stinky

    Not venting- back to ASP

    not venting- back to ASP I did not know where to put this. Last year I felt bad cause I missed my ASP trip due to a very bad flare, the one that led to my diagnosis. This year I was able to go! Yay! So take a look at the pictures of the roof we built! The kids did an awesome job. I love...
  11. crohnicaly stinky

    Take Steps Washington DC

    Anyone participating in the walk to raise money? I'd love to hear from anyone in my area, especially northern Virginia who is going to walk. Maybe we can have a meet up with folks from the forum and try to walk together. You can find details in my sig.
  12. crohnicaly stinky

    Starting soon

    starting soon I'm finally starting Humira in a week or so. My new Doctor seems great and said that since I have inflammation in the small and large bowel he'd keep me on Lialda and add the humira. Something about lialda, and the family it's in, having some colon cancer prevention. Glad my...
  13. crohnicaly stinky

    Systematic Review on Therapies for IBD

    I found this on google news, it just came out. The link is for a.pdf of the article: An Evidence-Based Systematic Review on Medical Therapies for Infl ammatory Bowel Disease http://www.acg.gi.org/media/releases/ajg201158a.pdf
  14. crohnicaly stinky

    Stupid doctor!

    stupid doctor! I got a colonoscopy on February 11th. I've been on Lialda, 4 pills a day because 2 wasn't enough to keep the D away, which is why he did the scope. So he does it and says yes inflammation in the large intestine and your ileum, lets start Humira. I said ok. He says we'll set...
  15. crohnicaly stinky

    Genetically altered probiotics

    genetically altered probiotics http://www.feinberg.northwestern.edu/news/2011K-February/Probiotic_IBD.html New Probiotic Combats Inflammatory Bowel Disease You know the probiotics in your peach yogurt are healthful, but now it appears they may also be a powerful treatment for disease. A...
  16. crohnicaly stinky

    Crohn's and the brain

    crohn's and the brain I am researching links between chron's and mental function/symptoms and found the below excerpt from Neuropathy and the Gastrointestinal System by Russell L. Chin, MD at this link. http://www.neuropathy.org/site/DocServer/nutritionGI-RussellCMD.pdf?docID=1601 sorry the...
  17. crohnicaly stinky

    Here we go again!

    here we go again! Last March I got my diagnosis of Crohns disease. It was the worst flare I ever had, and I had them before I just never knew what caused it, and they were they ever that bad. I remember before it all started that I had to switch from my usual huge coffee mug to a regular 8...
  18. crohnicaly stinky

    Low iron

    low iron I was denied as a blood donor due to low iron and I'm a guy for those who don't know. Makes me worry a little that things may not be doing so well. Funny thing is the woman who tested me said that's unusual for a man to be low on iron. I said well I have crohn's so it doesn't...
  19. crohnicaly stinky

    Worried about my girl

    worried about my girl Hello my fellow chronies! I hope you all are coping well and finding joy in life! Things with me are pretty smooth other than a mild flair that came with the fall pollen season but it seems to be fading. Anyway my daughter is kind of gassy a lot of the time and every...
  20. crohnicaly stinky

    Medical food for crohns

    medical food for crohns Just riding the google tonight and I came across this site while learning about medical foods. Could be soemthing to keep in mind during a flare. http://www.metagenics.com/products/health-conditions/inflammatory-bowel-disease