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  1. Mountaingem

    Dry heaving, rashes and other hot weather woes

    Does anyone else just dread summer due to the onslaught of symptoms? Is it from the medications reactions or is it the disease itself? Currently I am taking Cimzia, Methotrexate, Sertraline, Atenelol, and Hydrochlothiazide. My joints swell painfully, I dry heave every morning and I get painful...
  2. Mountaingem

    Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I personally haven't tried this diet but I saw this recipe and thought I'd share: Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies By Elana Amsterdam Ingredients 2 cups blanched almond flour ½ tsp baking soda ¼ tsp sea salt ¼ cup Spectrum all-vegetable shortening ¼ cup honey 1 Tbsp vanilla extract ½ cup dark...
  3. Mountaingem

    Possible infection lots of pain

    I was admitted to the hospital with my white cell count at 18000 and terrible pain in my lower back. CT scan didn't show any abscessand inflammation both in an outside the bowel. No answers just lots of pain medication for now. Scared and having a good cry :(
  4. Mountaingem

    Stressed out and flaring...

    Due to stress, I've been flaring pretty badly and just this week I've lost all bowel control. I wake up even in the middle of the night having diarrhea, ugh. I'm now wearing Depends and protective coverings on the bed but this is upsetting to say the least. I'm on 10 mg. of pred, Remicade at the...
  5. Mountaingem

    Post Chemotherapy Cognative Impairment

    Well at least now I know why I am so forgetful. My GI has ordered a host of tests but believes I have PCCI. Apparently for some cancer is never over, and the side effects just keep on giving. I thought since I took two relatively short and lower end courses of chemotherapy both for cancer and...
  6. Mountaingem

    I Shared my Story and Got Burned

    :facepalm: Ugh I know this was stupid of me, but I got to know a few people on a social media forum and slowly started sharing a few details about my experience with Crohn's as well as colon cancer. I never went into alot of detail because (this is just me) I tend to not discuss the details with...
  7. Mountaingem

    I'm baaaack!

    Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, but after Humira failed and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 colon cancer for the second time, I just went into hiding. The Crohn's just will not go into remission and now I have a bladder to bowel fistula, so I'm currently on Remicade, Macrobid, prednisone, and...
  8. Mountaingem

    Bladder/Vaginal Fistula?

    Hi guys, Ugh I feel so uncomfortable even discussing this but here it goes: Eight months ago my doctor switched me to Humira and the Crohn's came roaring out of remission. After giving it six months they put me back on Remicade and the joint pain and diarrhea all simmered down. Well starting...
  9. Mountaingem

    LDN and Joint Pain

    I'm in need of a new treatment after Humira failed. Does anyone know if LDN works for the other extraintestinal manifestations of Crohns ie joint issues as well as the bowel?
  10. Mountaingem

    Skin blisters and extreme exhaustion

    Hi everybody, I know I've been MIA for a bit. I am so exhausted that when I get up and eat breakfast, I need another nap or I will literally fall asleep wherever I am. It is severely interrupting my life-I've had to quit school and I can't even get the most basic of chores done. I'm shaky and...
  11. Mountaingem

    Friends on the East Coast of the U.S.

    :hang: To David and everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy: My thoughts are with you guys! Please stay safe and if you are able please keep us posted-all of your friends here are praying for your safety.:thumleft:
  12. Mountaingem

    Humira and skin growths

    Hi All, I just wanted to share this with you-I had a growth on my leg that I thought was just like a result of shaving, ie ingrown hair.It looked like a pimple and would swell and shrink periodically. I ignored it but when I visited the GI I had on a skirt and he noticed it immediately and...
  13. Mountaingem

    Mourning my Friend Michael, lost to untreated Crohn's complications

    :depressed: My dear friend Michael Smith died yesterday of liver cancer. He was only 58 and a newlywed. We could laugh about all the ups and downs of Crohn's, and he always called just when I needed it most. He had Crohn's but was only on Pentasa for the last year. He had all the signs, but up...
  14. Mountaingem

    Crohn's Support Bracelets

    I thought these were pretty and wanted to pass it along to anyone interested. $10 of every purchase goes to Crohn's Research. I'm not affiliated, just wanted to share.:ysmile: http://http://www.bravelets.com/product/crohns-colitis-bracelet/
  15. Mountaingem

    Remicade and sinus infections/lymph nodes enlarged?

    Hi everyone, I have been on one big rollercoaster since I had c. diff back in January. I keep getting these horrible sinus infections-I've had them for years but these are epic, and don't seem to totally go away. I also keep running low-grade fevers and having sweats. My lymph nodes have...
  16. Mountaingem

    Ever had hot flashes from Remicade?

    It's so strange-I've been having hot flashes and night sweats for the past six months. After extensive testing from my Ob/gyn, Rheumatologist and Endocrinologist every thing is normal (for once!). No early menopause, no thyroid, everything fine. But I continue having hot flashes, especially...
  17. Mountaingem

    How many here are on antidepressents for pain?

    I was just recently put on Effexor 37.5 mg for allover pain and exhaustion. It is an off-label use, just wondering who else is on Effexor or other antidepressents for the same reason. Did it help? What about side effects? So far I am just jittery, hopefully nothing too eventful. Any advice...
  18. Mountaingem

    Any Liver Recipes for Us Iron-Deficient Crohnies?

    :sign0085: I know there are plenty of excellent cooks out there on this forum-I would love some recipes for liver, and I know plenty others would like them, too! Of course my family is from Kentucky, so they all say liver needs to be smothered in bacon and onions, but that's not really...
  19. Mountaingem

    Spacey, Absentminded-Any thoughts on what Causes This?

    Hi everyone, As many of you know I've been struggling with a bad c.diff infection for two months. I am off Vancomycin and feel much better. The weird thing is I've become so absentminded and spacey, and a bit short-tempered. I've been this way on pred before but I am not on any other meds...
  20. Mountaingem

    Does Methotrexate Cause Low Testosterone or other Female Hormonal Issues?

    I've been on Methotrexate for about 4 years. I have been having what I think are hormonal issues-almost like menopausal symptoms. I am 39 yearls old and had a partial hysterectomy at 32. Lately I can't sleep, I have hot flashes, I have cystic acne breakouts on jaw/chin, and I put on weight in...