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  1. AshleyElaine87


    Has anyone done therapy for their Crohn's? I have been thinking about going and having someone to talk to about the ups and downs of this disease. Just wondering if it has helped or a waste of time?
  2. AshleyElaine87

    Losing weight

    I have active Crohn's, but I am not sure if I am in "full flare". I guess my question is; if you have any active Crohn's, do you actually start to lose weight?
  3. AshleyElaine87

    Deciding on Humira

    I just had a colonoscopy yesterday, and the doctor wants me to try Humira, but but I am scared of the side effects, but I am also scared not doing anything. I guess I am more afraid of the cancer side effects and weight gain. I have been off prednisone for about two years now, and still...
  4. AshleyElaine87

    Mild Crohn's?

    Is there a such thing as mild Crohn's? I just had a colonoscopy today, and the doctor told me I had mild inflammation. I thought you were either in a flare or not...
  5. AshleyElaine87

    Water Fast

    Has anyone done a water fast to help with symptoms?
  6. AshleyElaine87


    So, both of my maternal grandparents, aunt, and myself have dx of Crohn's. Now, my mom is thinking she has Crohn's. She's heading to the doctor as I type this. My great-aunt also had colon cancer. I just find it interesting of how many of my family members have this "wonderful" disease.
  7. AshleyElaine87


    I am so tired ALL the time! I don't think I am actively sick, but could this be a sign of a flare?
  8. AshleyElaine87


    I am college, and in my second semester (first really full semester), and I am having a hard time concentrating, and going through the "cycle" of getting overwhelmed with school, which stresses me out, than I get sick from crohn's, so that makes me miss class, which than I get stressed about and...
  9. AshleyElaine87


    Every time for the last week or so; when I have a BM, I get really nauseous. I don't throw up, but man, do I feel like I am going to. I have constipation Crohn's, and am also 26 weeks pregnant. Since my 2nd trimester, I haven't had any problems with my Crohn's until now. My BM's are regular...
  10. AshleyElaine87

    Getting sick. Not w/Crohn's.

    I have been sick for the last week or so with no sign of getting better. I am worried bronchitis or pneumonia and with having Crohn's; I know my body isn't able to fight as well. Is it normal to get either one? I haven't been sick like this ever, and I am not sure what to do. :sign0085:
  11. AshleyElaine87

    Constipation Crohns.

    So; I've been dealing with a partial obstruction or constipation for the last few months. I haven't actually been able to go to the bathroom without help; since I can remember! Well; I finally went! I don't feel any better, and RIGHT afterwards; I vomited! Has anyone else done this? Arg! I...
  12. AshleyElaine87

    Spoon Theory

    http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory-written-by-christine-miserandino/ I thought this would help :) It made my day and is helping me to explain things to family.
  13. AshleyElaine87

    Bed rest

    Has anyone been put on bed rest while pregnant because of their Crohn's? If so, how and why were you put on bed rest? Thanks!
  14. AshleyElaine87

    Stupid ER doctor!

    So; I went into the ER last night per my OB AND GI's advice, and the ER doctor asked me how old I was. I told him my age, and than he said "You're a big girl, you should KNOW to eat"! :ybatty: I went in because I am pregnant; have a history of obstructions; weight lose; and lose of appetite...
  15. AshleyElaine87

    Please tell me there's an answer!

    Does anyone know the difference between constipation and a partial obstruction?! I am so sick of hearing that I am JUST constipated, and being sent home! Thanks!
  16. AshleyElaine87

    When to call the doctor?

    I am 13 weeks pregnant, and have been to the ER once a couple of weeks ago thinking I had an obstruction. I didn't; and it was just constipation, lol. I have since had one BM, and have lost weight. I am not sure when I should call the doctor. I feel stupid when it's nothing, but am wanting...
  17. AshleyElaine87


    I put this in another section, and I am not sure if was the right one. Anyways, I went into the ER last night thinking I had a partial obstruction. Turns out I was just constipated, lol. It's been awhile since I have gone to the bathroom, and was wondering if anyone knew how long it took...
  18. AshleyElaine87


    Can constipation turn into an obstruction? :sign0085: I went into the ER last night thinking I had a partial obstruction, to have an x-ray to show my whole colon was filled. The provider said it was just constipation. I've had a history of partial and one full obstructions, but did have...
  19. AshleyElaine87

    RUQ pain

    I am having RUQ pain, and am 11 weeks pregnant. It kind of feels like when I was having partial obstructions. Has anyone else had this?
  20. AshleyElaine87


    Has anyone done this testing? My great-aunt has colon cancer, and there's a lot of people with IBD in my family, and I just wonder if this testing would be helpful.