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  1. superzeeman

    Happy New Year

    Here is to 2014 the year of remission I hope for all of us. I hope it is a year that more doctors recognize LDN as the great drug of hope it is. I hope it is a year that your insurance covers your medications. I hope it is the year that you can avoid surgery. I hope this is the year they...
  2. superzeeman

    Just got my script filled

    I live in a small town and was actually able to fine a doctor to prescribe and a compounding pharmacist. I was shocked! Any way, I am about to start taking it. The pharmacist says it can cause "weight changes" does that mean heavier or lighter? I sure the heck do not need heavier. Also mentioned...
  3. superzeeman

    Found doctor willing to prescribe

    I have an appointment with a doctor that is known to prescribe LDN and is more toward the experimental type of doc, not mainstream. My GI wont even consider it. One question that I have is can a person have a beer with this stuff since it is made for alcoholics and opioid abusers. The reason I...
  4. superzeeman

    Irrational fears?

    I had resection about a year and half ago due to masses of internal fistulas. About a month ago, I started feeling some "pain" near where I imagine they put me back together and a "fullness" on the lower right hand side of my abdomen. In my mind I imagine a new mass of fistulas or something. I...
  5. superzeeman

    Pinpoint red spots

    I have been on metho for about a month and I looked at my legs tonight and see lots of red dots like someone went crazy with a marker. Anyone else have these from Methotrexate?
  6. superzeeman

    Methotrexate scares the *&!@ outta me

    Reading the side effects of methotrexate I can say for the first time a drug actually has me nervous as all can be. Has anyone on here taking metho have to quit for the reasons below? I also just found out that I should not drink beer on metho. I am used to a couple beers after work every day...
  7. superzeeman

    Gas after bowel resection

    I had a small bowel resection last year and every since I have had gas like you would not believe. I spend more time farting than I can admit to. Seems like food does not effect it or make it worse just about 10 am I start needing to pass tons of gas for hours on end. Anyone else have this?
  8. superzeeman

    Methotrexate day one

    My doc prescribed Metho for me and today was the first of two doses for the weekend. I feel like someone has run me over already without taking the second dose. I cant imagine what I will feel like after the second dose. Does your body get used to the drugs or will I feel like crap once a week...
  9. superzeeman

    New GI Appointment Results

    I decided to change GI doctors and had my first appointment with the new one. She is about 30 years old from what I can tell and spent a solid year studying nothing but crohns. So she makes that her specialty. Anyway, after reviewing my file she said that I have an agressive form of fistualting...
  10. superzeeman

    New to this subject

    I have crohns that gave me many fistulas hooked to my bladder, hip, and large intestine. This took over 25 years to come to a head and then I had a resection becasue I was so constricted I could not go unless I had Amatiza. Anyway, I dont have the typical flares and symptoms I just grow a mass...
  11. superzeeman

    Worry Fury

    I was recently diagnosed about 9 months ago. I have been reading all the information and stories that I have found on here and have found some very helpful stuff. In the past few days I have been ruminating over my past year and the surgery and so forth with the echo of my doctors words that If...
  12. superzeeman

    Crohns Newbie Post-Surgery Question

    Crohns Newbie Question I know this may sound wierd to ask but I have crohns that does not come with the cramps and general miserable pain that is most often described. I have what I think they called fistulating crohns, was a mess inside and they took out several feet of small intestine and a...
  13. superzeeman

    What a long few months

    My story all started when I was 19. I became constipated to the point where I had not had a BM for 2 weeks. So, off to the docs I went and after a stay in the hospital, was told I had crohns. Did about 6 weeks of prednisone and that was it. I was sent on my way. Fast forward to March of of 2011...
  14. superzeeman

    Im a a weird case?

    I was diagnosed with crohns when I was 19 and I am now 45. I didnt have ONE SINGLE PROBLEM until last year when I became hoplessly constipated and decided to have it looked at. I thought originally it might be colon cancer as it runs im my family. So, had a colonoscopy and they could not get...