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    Looking for advice on dealing with new doctor

    I realize I am having a VERY high class issue here but I appreciate thoughts. After 5 years of battling Crohn's disease my colonoscopy is showing that I am in remission! After years of hair loss, and 8 hour stretches of vomiting out both ends, bloody stool, arthritis, harsh medications, hair...
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    Help with Skin Problems!

    Hi all! I just want to preface with I am calling the doctor tomorrow, and I know I shouldn't have waited this long. I just didnt want them to change my meds, since my gut had been feeling great! Here is the situation: A couple of weeks ago I noticed a patch of what looked like big red bug...
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    Thank you all for being there- here is a little about me!

    Hello! I have been posting for a while, since I was diagnosed basically and had so many questions, and realized I have never posted in Your Story. I am not one for too many details but I will say I visited this site often when I was flared last summer through winter. Especially when i was on...
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    Does anyone have suggestions of good blogs to follow?

    Hello! I have found a lot of help on sites like this one and people's personal blogs. I have recently started my own blog and am trying to follow some good ones. I think the reading/writing process must be cathartic for me. I would never be comfortable physically going to a support group but I...
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    Can someone explain why potatoes are not Paleo?

    I have seen debate about whether potatoes are or aren't Paleo. I am not paleo myself but the logic behind the diet makes sense to me on some levels. I am just wondering what people's issues may be with potatoes and root vegetables as I personally rely on them for calories and feel good on them.
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    I am coming out as a Crohn's sufferer with a blog!

    Hello! I have been around here for a little while but this is my first introduction. I have chosen to inform those around me of my condition through a blog. I think the organization of thoughts and what I have learned could be therapeutic for me. I JUST created it. Follow me, I will follow you...
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    Help! Coworker responded poorly to me sharing that I have Crohns.

    Hello! I am completely new to this site. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in July and am still in a flare. I also started a new job in September and am in serious need of some advice! My coworker mentioned to me that she was feeling judged in our office about her diet because my boss made a...