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  1. matq

    CD-TREAT diet as an alternative to enteral nutrition (EEN)

    It's an interesting one. I certainly think there's a fascinating piece around the tolerance of different starches and plant fibres. Personally, I have Crohn's – limited to the colon – and, whilst things like stress are massive for my disease and certain supplements have been beneficial...
  2. matq

    No antibodies and levels normal, but flaring on infliximab

    Hi all, I have Crohn's in colon. I was put on Infliximab a while back now and it took the edge off my symptoms. I eventually started in feel like progress had stalled and, indeed, started showing symptoms. As a result, I took dietary plus supplement steps and things improved. Fast forward to...
  3. matq

    Fats, proteins and Bacteroides

    Hi guys, I was reading some studies the other day and there were links made between the overexpression of bacteria from the Bacteroides enterotype and CD. Given that Bacteroides seem to thrive on animal protein and fat, I was left questioning the idea that it’s mostly carbs overfeeding...