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  1. CrohniePilot

    Stelara- urinary side effects?

    I guess not?
  2. CrohniePilot

    Stelara- urinary side effects?

    I started Stelara for the second time on January 21, 2021. (I was on Stelara a couple years ago also) A few days after my initial infusion (this time being on it), I noticed a discomfort while urinating. I tested negative for a UTI. I’m wondering if it could be caused by the Stelara. My GI doc...
  3. CrohniePilot


    To those who have been SCD/Paleo for a while- how much do you worry about contamination? Particularly when eating out. I'm def not over the top about it, and curious how everyone else is. Tonight at a restaurant i ordered a grilled chicken caesar salad, with no dressing. I forgot to tell them...
  4. CrohniePilot

    SCD/Paleo/GAPS Support Group

    Tomato basil soup with havarti, baby swiss and muenster grilled cheese sandwich (made with coconut flour paleo bread). I have to say, considering that it was SCD-bread, which is somewhat of a contradiction in itself, it was pretty darn tasty!
  5. CrohniePilot


    Hello, So i am close to a month now on the SCD. My crohns seems to be reacting very positively. I'm really excited about that fact, and would encourage anyone else on the fence about trying the SCD to try it. However, force yourself not to cheat if you do it. Otherwise its a wasted effort...
  6. CrohniePilot

    Eating out on the SCD Diet

    Hello, So I'm giving the SCD diet another chance. The first was ten years ago when diagnosed and I really didn't give it enough of a chance (I was overwhelmed). I'm currently two weeks in and counting. Anyway, I travel the US with my job, and have to eat out somewhat often. So far, finding...
  7. CrohniePilot


    Has anyone found further details on this IBD-AID named in the much talked about study from UMASS? I cant find much other than what is on here: http://escholarship.umassmed.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1025&context=cts_retreat It's very vague about the diet. Thanks.
  8. CrohniePilot

    Diet prior to Crohn's

    Mine was terrible when i think about it now. TONS of complex carbs. My diet was mainly sandwiches, pasta, pizza, chinese food, and fried food. I ate a ton of sugar, hardly any veggies, and almost nothing in it's natural state. Typical bachelor diet. I wish i could go back and change my...
  9. CrohniePilot

    New here- 14 years with Crohn's Ileitis

    Hello, New to the forum. Here is the readers digest version- I got Crohn's 14 years ago but was undiagnosed for roughly 5 years. I'm on Imuran and Pentasa, and starting to think that my stricture may be getting unmanageable. I've always hoped to delay surgery as long as possible. Anyway...