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  1. Dogluv

    I Need humira but Medicaid won't approve it

    Hi everyone, It's been forever since I was on here last, I was doing well on LDN for a while, but it eventually became ineffective for my crohns. A few months ago I restarted remicade, I had one infusion, everything seemed to be going well, but exactly I week later I woke up in extreme pain...
  2. Dogluv

    LDN gave me my life back

    I started LDN almost exactly one year ago, and it has changed my life. :ybiggrin: I originally heard about LDN on this website and it sounded like it was worth a try, especsially because i had previously tried quite a few treatments with little or no sucess. So after lots of research, i went to...
  3. Dogluv

    Interested in LDN

    Hi, I'm very interested in starting LDN im currently going through a flare, and trying to find a drug thats not an immunosuppresent, that would be just as effective. I tried prednisone and had a bad reaction, with hives, a swollen face and neck, and I got very itchy, so that's no longer an...
  4. Dogluv

    Bad allergic reaction to prednisone?!!!!

    I'm currently having a bad flare to where I was hospitalized for extreme weight loss I went from 130 to 105(very runny bm's), a heart rate of 150 (because of the inflammation), and just an overall sick feeling that's lasted for 3 weeks now. The main reason I was hospitalized was the heart rate...
  5. Dogluv

    Perianal disease treatment

    I have bad perianal disease with many skin tags, fissures and I think I may have an abcess, but I don't know for sure. I'm currently on flagyl to help treat it (not working),proctosol cream (it dosen't seem to be working either), and I just started taking sitz baths so I guess I'll see how that...
  6. Dogluv

    Pill cam

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has experience with the pill camera test? My doctor wants me to have one, but I saw the size of the dummy pill, and I just don't know if I could do it. (It took me a week to work up the courage just to try to swallow a pentasa capsule, which is tiny compared to...
  7. Dogluv

    I'm so fed up!

    I went to the doctor today, and I'm just so frusterated! It all started about 3 weeks ago when I had chest pain on the right side, so I went to my primary doctor and got a x-ray which turned up normal, then the next day I went to the er and got blood tests which also turned up fine. So the day...
  8. Dogluv


    About a week ago I started having extreme pain when brething under my right rib, along with excessive burping and my pain worsened when I tried lying down or eating ice cream, which was weird because I eat ice cream a lot. So last Friday I went to my primary doctor who ordered chest x-rays which...
  9. Dogluv


    Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone has used asacol? My doctor wants me to try it along with my elemental diet. Im still doing the diet, but now I am also eating, and he wants to prevent future inflammation, since I now have to digest food.
  10. Dogluv

    What helps you through tough times? What are u thankful for?

    Hi!!! I'll keep it short, Just wondering what helps you through harder times (surgeries, flare ups, etc.) What are you thankful for???:)
  11. Dogluv

    Recently diagnosed and starting an elemental diet

    Hi! My story starts in march 2011. My symptoms started with loss of appetite, diarrhea, and fatigue. I went to my doctor who referred me to a surgeon who examined me and said he was almost positive it was crohns. After that I was referred to a GI who I saw 2 weeks later. It was terrifying! I had...