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  1. fatjoe216

    Right colectomy

    Just had surgery yesterday and I had my first bowel movement this afternoon. Is it normal to have a lot of blood in you stool? The nurses says that's normal. Just asking.
  2. fatjoe216


    Ok so i've been using the nutribullet for about a month doing lost of fruits and veggies. If someone has been through this please tell me. Symptoms are feelings tiredness at random, feeling like bugs are crawling on you and itching all over. Does this sound like detoxing? I've been on remicade...
  3. fatjoe216

    The flu

    Well after being around family over the weekend i have caught the flu. I was going to get an infusion soon but not now. My question is after you all got over the flu, how long before you to go get an infusion? I am at ten weeks already. I don't have any symptoms other than these flu symptoms.
  4. fatjoe216

    Multiple Meds ?????? Advice

    Question for anyone taking multiple medications. I have developed nail fungus on my fingers. And also i have a sinus infection right now. My PCP has prescribed amoxicillin and lamisil. Has anyone ever had this combination of drugs? I have a 10 day supply of the amoxicillin and i do want to wait...
  5. fatjoe216

    Anybody up?

    anybody up? For the last three nights i can't sleep. I just had an infusion on Monday. After I got home from the doctor I slept a good 5 hours and woke up at about 11pm. Been up ever sense. My schedule is so off right now. Not to mention i have to go to work in 5 hours =( just venting.......
  6. fatjoe216

    In mild pain right now

    Hello all, a long story short i was dx in 2005. I have been on Remicade since 2007 i have had few problems. I have developed a stricture in my small intestine and will probably need surgery soon.