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    Resection of small bowel at 8am Central Time today

    After getting by without surgery I will be having my first crohns resection in an hour and a half. Hoping this helps for a while. Will check other threads on the topic to see what to expect post op. Went into ER Christmas Eve and was admitted. Bummer for our normal traditions for...
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    Need a Good Homemade Beef Broth Recipe

    Anyone have a simple homemade beef stock recipe. I'm still having issues with solids and just my chicken stock is getting old. I seem to react to additives and dyes so homemade stocks are best for me. Jello's, popcicles etc are out. Thanks
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    Is this pain hunger, crohns, gurggles, gas, warnings?

    I'm getting confused on if I'm really hungry and noticed some other posts amongst other questions relaying the same feelings. You have what may be hunger pains but are afraid to eat but if you eat it might get better but you've found only a 50/50 chance of that happening. So you eat and the...
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    Questions for my gp tomorrow

    It's been 6 months since my humira was upped to weekly. My blood work hasn't been ran in about 7. About 4 weeks ago I began falling into a depression. More stools, more frequent pain, more stress, etc Then over this past week I feel a band around my ribcage. After eating I not only have the...
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    Who Should Monitor Your Bloodwork?

    Should you have your GI or your GP monitor your Bloodwork generally? What results do you ask to have a copy of for your records? or is there more than one break down? Sorry to sound like an idiot. DUH!!! But from reading here it appears I need to be more proactive in this area and maybe I...